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His real name was Vincent but we all knew him as Jimmy. He had a natural talent as a mechanic. As a teen he restored a 1940 Ford. He could repair anything and when friends had household items break it was Jim to the rescue. When he moved into an older home in Swedesboro, he gutted it: everything from new walls to insulation. During the day he worked with his Dad at their lumber yard. Eventually he opened a hardware store in Woodbury. Then he was offered a branch manager position with a forklift company. With his mechanical skills it was a perfect fit. Jim had some notable sayings: “My life would have killed 10 ordinary men“, “I already forgot things you’ll never learn”, and, the best: “I am afraid of no man just one small woman”.
The Vasta family and Cesarano family were friends and neighbors so their children getting married was the natural evolution. That 1940 Ford Jim restored got sold for the wedding and setting up the home. That home was formerly a maternity hospital, so it was only fitting that Jim and his wife Tina filled it with 7 children: Joel Vasta (Jennifer), Leah Opperman (Gavin), Jonathan Vasta (Jacquelyn), Joanna Wilson (Johnathan), Sarah Peterson (Ryan), Joseph Vasta and Daniel Vasta. Jim is also survived by his mother, Lillian Vasta and sister, Vivian Vasta and 7 grandchildren. He was predeceased by sister, Valerie.
Come celebrate 63 great years Wednesday from 9 am at Daley Life Celebration Studio where the service will be at 11am. Interment Lake Park Cemetery. Jim would like everyone to know that the most important aspect of his life was having Christ as his Savior.

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