About Us

Daley Life Celebration Studio

At a Funeral Home you learn about someone’s death, at Daley Life Celebration Studio you learn about someone’s life. We capture the spirit of your loved one and start the healing process for you and your family. We offer many unique services that you and your family will remember for a lifetime. Call us and we can help you start planning that one, very unique special service.

Patrick Daley, Manager

Licence #4171

Patrick has been the Services director since 1995. His philosophy is to bring healing to families, friends and communities by helping you with the loss of  your loved one. Daley’s uniquely designed services move beyond the single dimensional funeral services of the past. Daley brings forth dynamic, engaging events that bring everyone together for a truly memorable service.

In addition to the family business, Patrick is also an investigator with the Gloucester, Salem & Camden Counties’ Medical Examiners Office. He is a 1990 graduate of Villanova University with a Degree in Philosophy.

A Local, Family Business for over Half a Century

Daley Life Celebration Studio is now a 3rd Generation family owned business. We started serving the community in 1955, and we couldn’t be prouder of the people we’ve meet and the community we have supported and have supported us.  From Sponsoring Little League teams to Seniors Clubs, to High School Events, we have always been here, and we hope to here forever.


The Hugs at Daley Life Celebration Studio are quite simply the most rewarding way for your grandkids to remember those wonderful times you’ve had together. It’s a unique and personalized service which allows everyone to express their feelings and begin the first step of the healing process.img


This 1957 Chevy Hearse was purchased in 2005 from a collector in New Orleans. We own three hearses but for us, this car inspires. Today cars are as bland as most people’s funerals.

This car takes us back to an era when people cared about style. The overall design of the 1957 chevy comes from a Harley Earl design as has only improved in age. Like us, it’s unique.