Thomas E. Harrington, Jr.

(January 22, 1958 - December 17, 2013)

For Tom, a bike on the road was worth two in the shed. There was no place that he’d rather be than on his motorcycle. If asked why a dog sticks his head out of a car window, he would know the answer. He attended numerous local bike runs, Laconia Bike Week, Thunder in the Valley and was always up for just taking a ride. But his passion wasn’t limited to just two wheels: his garage was never complete without a truck, preferable raised. Always proud of his mechanic’s manicure, he inherited his knowledge of diesel engines from his grandfather. He used those skills during the many years he worked as a mechanic for Brennan Transportation, but he had also been a truck driver and owner/operator there. Most recently he had worked for Easter Lift in Maple Shade.
Tom is survived by his children: Thomas, III (Claudia) of NY, Michael of Mt. Laurel, Heather Spano (James) of FL and Mark (Jillian Oman) of Delanco, his brother, Joseph (Karen) of Deptford, his nephews: John and Joe, niece, Karen and his close friend, Bob Malecki.
Come celebrate Tom’s 55 motoring years (Jan. 22, 1958-Dec. 17, 2013) Saturday from 10 AM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside, where the service will be at noon. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made to Samaritan Hospice 3 Eves Dr., Suite 300 Marlton, NJ 08053.

13 thoughts on “Thomas E. Harrington, Jr.

  1. Dianne and Fred Bihlear

    Tom was a good friend, neighbor and biker buddy. Rode alot with Tom, our favorite was the POW run to D.C.
    Will miss his smile and wonderful deep voice.

  2. Bill Johnson

    Tom was my mentor in my early years at Brennan Trans.,took me under his wings ,showing me the Brennan way to do it .I could always count on Tom for directions or a helping hand in the yard.
    I will miss you buddy.

  3. Eric Scheimreif

    Tom was one of those guys who was a no nonsense person that was straight forward hard working and you always knew where he stood because he did not mince words. What a loss at such an early age! Toms parents were an amazing help to me in my life probably would not be where I am in life without them!

  4. John Hartman

    Tom was my next door neighbor in Riverside for a few years. I spent a lot of time at his house shooting the breeze and sipping a few cold beers. Tom was always available if I needed him and always had something nice to say. I will miss him dearly and will be looking up to the sky every time I hear the rumble of a motorcycle. I know he’ll be up there with that big grin of his…. riding with the angels.

  5. terry brennan

    Tom was an inspiration to me. After his accident, i never saw anyone battle back the way he did. It always put things in perspective for me. Tom would always stop by the office and chat and bring me up to date on what he was doing and his family members.

    Great co worker, great person but also a great friend.

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