Ryan McCarthy Stump

Ryan McCarthy Stump

He never had a problem holding your attention: Ryan was a storyteller. The mundane became fascinating with a few embellishments. He could open the refrigerator, pull out some odds and ends and prep a great feast; those hours of watching the food channel didn‘t go to waste. Of course, American Pickers and the History channel also peeked his curiosity. He was known as a hard worker with Union #669 and was a jack of all trades–he could do carpentry, paint and fix most anything; he was teaching his kids to do likewise. And he was also teaching them to shoot fouls shots and throw a spiral. Their favorite daddy thing to do was to snuggle ‘til they fell asleep. But it didn’t stop there: he also found joy producing home made raps with his wife complete with couch snuggling.
Ryan was high school friends with the pretty Nichole McCracken, but it was many years later that love blossomed. Nichole had surgery and unable to do much. Ryan kept her company and it was on the “ugly green couch” that they become serious. They were blessed with a son, Cole and Daughter, Kayla. Ryan is survived by his father, Edward Stump, his brother, Reuben (Yamaris Pacheco) and his sister, Robin Corbin (Norville), his grandmother, Rose McCarthy and a large extended family. He was predeceased by his mother, Margaret Rose McCarthy.

Come celebrate 43 great years Saturday at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro, NJ from 9 am with the service at 11 am.

Donation to the National Assoc. for Children of Addicts, nacoa.org will be appreciated.


  1. Chalie, Pat, Stephen and Kim says:

    Our hearts are broken. Loved Ryan like a son and a brother. Praying!

  2. Eileen Kiel says:

    Ryan was an excellent Art student, one I’ll never forget. Great personality too! He could interpret an Art work with more words and understanding than any child I knew! Sincerely, Mrs. Kiel

  3. Dorothy Shelly says:

    Ryan, a gentleman with a smile. I cherish precious memories of his devotion and love shown toward his grandfather (Durrell Stump) when in declining health. Grace and peace to Reuben, Robin and my cousin, Eddie.

  4. Sarah and Matt Prescott says:

    We love you Ryan. And you are very missed.

  5. Peggy Wark says:

    Knew Ryan as a little boy, went to school with my son Brad Zane. They were good friends all through school and as adults. He had such a contagious and also mischievous smile that made you like him. Our thought and prayers go out to his family, so sad to lose such a young man❤️

  6. Mike Kurtz says:

    All my love to you and your family Ryan. May you find peace and joy in your fond memories.

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