Robin Keppley


He was a big man with a big heart.  Robin would give you the shirt of his back, though he usually didn’t wear one.  He was laid back and just comfortable being himself, plus he liked to show off his tattoos.  He enjoyed all kinds of crime shows and anything car related especially Barrett Jackson.   He’d eat just about anything but always had a soft spot for fettuccini alfredo.   He played a 12 string guitar and wrote many a song about life’s triumphs and heartbreaks.  Earlier years found him working as an industrial mechanic for foamex in Fairless Hills, Pa.


He is survived by his wife, Jennifer Neidl; his children, Christopher, Heather, Robin, Shauna, and Amanda; his grandchildren, Christopher, Anna, Skyler, Landon, Taylor and James; his brother, Dennis and sisters, Betsy and Kitty.  Robin was pre- deceased by his brother, David.


Come celebrate 57 great years Wednesday 1-4 p.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home, 478 Cooper Street, Beverly.

22 thoughts on “Robin Keppley

  1. kaylie thommen

    robin was a great man. he was sweet and loving. he was funny too. i was pretty close to him. i remember going to see amanda, him, and jen. id walk in and theyd all have a big smile on their faces. id walk up and say hi daddy! and give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. same with jen too. id say hi momma and give her a huge hug as well. robin was a wonderful man. he cared a lot for his family. and i felt as if i was part of the family too. i remember all the good times ive had there. i remember him playing his guitar and singong songs that he created. he was talented. and even though hes not wih us in presence, he is with us in memory and in our hearts. he is missed very dearly. i just want him to know that he will forever be in my heart. as well as jen’s, amanda’s, and the rest of his family’s. we love you robin. may you rest peacefully and watch over those who love you. it’s heartbreaking that you had to go, but at least you went peacefully. no pain, no suffering, just peace. we love you robin keppley. and we will keep you in our hearts for as long as we shall live. rest in peace and fly high “daddy”. you will be missed dearly.

  2. Donald Ervin

    Robin, a man of many talents, a man with plenty of knowledge, a man with a huge heart. Robin, will always be my best friend. I had plenty of fun with him. If I ever asked him question wether I liked his answer or not, he gave the best possible answered that he could, he would never steer a person wrong, whether he knew you are not.

    I’m so glad, I had the opportunity to meet Robin, I could talk to him about anything because he knew just about everything. I have never met a man who has so much knowledge about everything and I’m going to miss Robin, truly a man’s man.

    I wish I had met Robin at a younger age but, we all meet people at certain stages in our life. I’m glad when I did, believe it or not Robin was the last friend I made. He became more than my best friend he became my brother. Robin was very good to me and for me.

    I wish I could sit next to you one more time, thank you for keeping $60.00 in the pocket lol.

    Love youbrother

  3. kenny johnson

    I remember Robin as a no bs person. One time I was drunk which I don’t remember we were in the backyard and I was acting like a idiot he backhand the crap out of me, I fell backward broke the chair the gazebo and almost my neck. I remember Robin the most was his kindness towards others even when they didn’t deserve it. He taught me a lot I really never met anyone with that much knowledge.thats the truth. im gonna miss the big man,there was no one like him before and there will never be anyone like him again.

  4. gunz

    robin was a good person at heart he helped people when he could he didn’t take shit from anyone he could drink pretty much anybody under the table he was funny he use to put me to sleep sometimes wathching boring shit on tv he will be missed in never forgetting much luv

  5. clipz

    robin was good dude in always should love sents I first met him in a funny thing robin used to say is get the fuck out when he wanted you to leave in he treated me like family in was like a uncle to me in I will miss him

  6. Jason Folks

    As long as I knew him, Robin was the “big man on campus.” Everyone knew and respected him. Including me. He’s the kind of person who would tell you how it is and wouldn’t sugarcoat anything. If you didn’t like what was said then oh well. He was so talented and encouraged me to keep playing and creating music. He was very intelligent, funny, and kept it real with me all the time. And could outdrink ANYONE! He was a champ in everyway possible. I feel fortunate to have been able to stop by and see Robin before he was called home. I love you Robin and I will miss you forever and always big dog!


    Robin is a man I will never forget no matter what kind of mood I was in he always say or do something to make me laugh. Robin is a special with a heart of gold. I have talked to Robin a number of times about stuff that I was going through and about stuff in general he always listened to me then he would try to give me advise. I still cant believe Robin isn’t with us anymore but he will always live on in my heart. go fly with the angels buddy ill see u on the other side love you ROBIN.

  8. Tammy Clark

    Robin was a very sweet and kind person .. He loved My two Boys .. and They Loved HIm… always telling me let them play .. there kids .. let them go … Robin you will be truly Missed .. Love aya Big guy…

  9. stormie

    daddy im gonna miss you so much!!!! you helped me through everything and im so glad to have had the privalege to meet you !!!! you always knew how to make me laugh when i was sad, you treated me like your own daughter and you loved aiden to death!!!! i remember our summer parties where we would all just bbq and have a couple shots and just relax and talk about whatever was on our mind !! and also thabk you mommy for always being there for me too and showing me things i didnt kno to being a mother and i love you both !!!! everyone is in my prayers and daddy will be truely missed !!!!! <3 always stormie

  10. Jennifer Keppley

    R.I.P my dear loving husband. I miss u you so much. I can’t put in words of how I feel so empty inside without you here, you will always have my heart and soul. Be in peace my BOO BEAR. I will see on the other side when God is ready for me. R.I.P MY DEAREST LOVING. HUSBAND ROBIN KEPPLEY

  11. Hazel


  12. Heather Keppley

    Robin Keppley = My daddy. I will miss you more than you know, I wish we had more time together this is just not fair you were only 57 daddy, I know you are out of pain now and god didn’t want you to suffer anymore and it’s what he thought was right for you at this time not what we want. I can still remember like it was yesterday sitting outside with you listen to you play your guitar and singing to me & chris. I really miss them days!!!! I’t was so hard to say goodbye to you. I know you will be watching over me in heaven watching all your grandchildren grow up & i’m gonna make sure they know who you were daddy. You never let anything get in your way and always picked your self and the pieces right back up . I’m really having a hard time dealing with your death please help me & the family get through this. I will miss and love you everyday. R.I.P. DADDY I LOVE YOU

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