Robert ( Bobby) Munyon


From the days of his youth in his family’s group, the 3Ms, until he grew up and entertained the masses in the Rockets, Bobby was meant to front a band.  But, even though he had an incomprehensible amount of talent, he always made sure to share the limelight; Bobby was unselfish in his ways.  Bobby could pick up just about any instrument and play any tune; his voice could mimic just about any other performer. Most of his friends and fans would agree sometimes he was much better. On the Wildwood boardwalk people would be 5 deep to catch a glimpse of him playing Dragon’s Lair,  and most recently he spent weekends performing in Sea Isle at Kix. No one loved to have fun like Bobby. Hi he spent a lifetime toying with electronics: everything from beta max to pinball machines, Bobby was always the first to have all the newest gadgets.  He spent hours building  Lego rollercoasters. and  just find a good county fair, carnival, or other venue with rides and he’d be the first to say “Let’s Go”. Come Christmas or a birthday he’d show up with a goofy gift you didn’t need, but certainly would want: (Karaoke machines, not socks.)  He knew the Godfather, Goodfellas, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the Exorcist verbatim.  He turned his children on to not only to these classic movies but horror flicks too. Enter his home and two things would be certain; he’d make you feel welcome and you’d be fed.  Bobby was a maestro at his stove and food critic when he was out; certain he could make it better at home. For his daughters and granddaughter, which he had unconditional love , he shared that passion for life and music..  And he was turning his granddaughter into the next vocal great.

He is survived by his daughters Melody and Lauren, his granddaughter Kiara, his sisters, Debbie Martin and Maureen Vaughan, his aunt, Marie Munyon, his girlfriend, Kim Samsel, and many friends.

Come celebrate 58 great years Sunday July 8,  11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside, where there will be a 1 p.m. service.

32 thoughts on “Robert ( Bobby) Munyon

  1. Suzanne Bergmeister

    So many Roberts, Robs, Bobs and Bobbys in our family, we had to give you the nickname RobertM when we were young. I will miss you, cousin. I’m sorry I can’t be there on Sunday to pay my respects, but I will be there in spirit.

  2. Billy Stott

    I know you are at peace Bobby with the Lord. You have touched so many lives and are loved by so many,missed by so many and the memory of you is kindness and compassion, friendship and Love….Bobby, Thank You for Loving me,my family and so many others..Billy

  3. Doreen Stott

    We will remember you in many positive ways with a big smile and a great sense of humor and all the fun times we shared together. You will remain in our hearts forever! Love, Doreen, Jillian & Jessica

  4. Kevin Brown

    Since the day I first talked to Bobby in 1976 he was like a dear brother to me.
    He was my musical soul mate, and taught me so much I can not express. Thank you Bobby for all the wonderful times we had together. I love you so and miss you so,

  5. Pam Johncola

    I’m at a loss for words! We truly lost a great guy,friend & entertainer! We will cherish all the laughter & fun times. The world was a better place because of you. You will be missed by many, & things will never be the same. May you rest in peace, my condolences to your family.

  6. Nancy Welsh

    God bless you Bobby. You can be oroud if the jiy you brought to so many through your music. You touched so ma y lives in a positive way. I will never forget. Thank you for being in my life.

  7. Donna Alosi Bianco

    Rest In Peace my dear old friend, my buddy. You were a sweet, funny and always respectful kid when we were growing up… You could always make me laugh. You were so entertaining.. The world is a better place that you were in it and I am extremely proud to have been your friend.. You’re were the only person in the world that called me “Cookie”..
    My deepest sympathies to your family .
    You will be missed me friend…much love !!

  8. Anthony "wolf" Liberto

    I met Bobby when i became a member of The Rockets in the 90’s. In life you meet lots of people who you become friends with and leave a major impression in your life. I new as soon as i met Bobby that he was one of these people. I new i could always go to him and talk about anything.
    He was a really funny guy to be around and i have so many stories and memories about things that happened.
    It got to the point with me that when i would see him i would start laughing cause i was happy to see him and i would start thinking about all the funny stories.
    I saw Bobby a few weeks before he passed. We chatted for about an hour laughing about things etc. He said call me so we can do lunch etc.
    I never thought for the life of me that i would be posting this small memorial about Bobby.
    What a great and talented person he was.
    Its hard to summarize how you feel about someone who leaves that much of an impression on you.
    Rest in peace my friend and know that you will never be forgotten.

  9. Pat Sexton

    Bobby your friendship over the years is a big piece of the puzzle that makes me the person I am today!
    Thanks for the Memories, my friend.
    Until we sing again!!

  10. Rob ONeal

    Friendships never fade sometimes they become priceless memories.
    You touched so many people including me.
    I’m going to miss you old friend. God bless your family.

    Robbie (O’Cag)

  11. Lauren Munyon

    You’ve molded me into the person I am today and I can look back on all the things you have taught me and cherish them forever. The hardest goodbyes are the ones that are never planned. Life will be a lot less joyful without you. A day will never pass by without you going through my mind. I love you, dad❤️

  12. Sky Brady

    Totally stunned. We always said we would catch up and our busy lives always get in the way.I’m a lot less busy today,Miss you pal.Rest in Peace and strength and Comfort to your family.

  13. Matthew Costello

    Bobby, (YO ED)
    Thanks for so many great memories, your love and friendship. I wish you were with me on Tuesday when I went car shopping, like we used to do. You would have lost you mind! LOL. I can hear you now and I am laughing and smiling.

    God Bless You and Your Family and we’ll be together soon, not too soon I hope.

    Much Love my dear friend!

  14. Rusty Lorenzon

    There are few in this world who can touch so many with the gifts you had in the way that you did. We shared many great and memorable times, whether at work, on a stage, or just hanging out. When we spoke last Thursday, I now know I could hear something amiss in your incredible voice. I miss you my brother and grieve tremendously for your family who I know you loved so much. May you rest peacefully and your family find strength in knowing just how many lives you touched and how much joy and love you were able to share.

  15. Mary

    Bobby you made our company so much better the day you joined. You brought not only your technical expertise but your happiness and joy with you every day I can think of. Working directly with you was always the bright spot of my day and I’ve never hesitated to send a customer your way, knowing they would be well taken care of and any issue resolved. I’m sure you resolved many a personal issue as you worked on technical too – it wasn’t in you not to try to fix anything you could.
    Your music and the rare nights out I got to see you were also a joy. I will forever miss your smile, your infectious optimism and happiness as well as your guitar at every event.
    I hope your loved ones all find peace at the end of this, knowing you are well-loved forever.
    Rest in peace my friend.

  16. Melina Cortes

    Bobby, you were such a genuinely nice and goodhearted person. You always had something funny to say and were always willing to help in whatever way you could. Whenever you would see my daughters you would always have some toy or candy to give them. They would run to you with hugs and you would get down on their level and have what seemed like the most fascinating conversations with them. You always made time to stop and ask how my dad and my girls were doing. It is such a heartbreak not to see you walking the halls at work or to know that I won’t see you at the Karaoke setup for work functions anymore. I hope you are at peace and know that you will truly be missed.

  17. Brian Bodnar

    I still can’t believe this is real. I know we only worked together and you always helped me out getting things set up and I was happy to be able to help you when I could or we’d just chat when we had time. You were quick to thank and praise me when it came to setting up the new team over the past few months and you were here to help make sure things were running smoothly. When I heard the news I was floored and had just earlier been thinking that I need to see you perform. I’m sorry I did not get the chance. Rest well.. you won’t be forgotten.

  18. AJ Mahana

    I only knew you for a short time but I looked forward to seeing you first thing in the morning as I came through the doors at work, and usually the last person I’d see before I went home. I always felt if you weren’t at your desk for me to say hello and goodnight to that a part of my day was incomplete. I always enjoyed our talks and your alternative life theories. You were my “goto” for getting issues resolved and you’ll missed greatly. Rest In Peace Brotha.!!

  19. Robert Vaughan

    Robert was a kind man who loved his family very much. His musical talents were limitless, always putting on a memorable show. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.

  20. George Garcia

    Bobby our years of playing together we’re some of my greatest times. Your laughter was contagious and your talent on guitar was supreme. I’m sad that we lost track of each other threw the changes in our busy lives. It was great catching up at The Rockets reunions. Wish we had more time here on earth together to catch up but I know we will meet again and laugh at all the silly jokes that came out of that brain of yours. You always had me laughing. Please know I loved you as a brother & always will. God Rest your soul in his beautiful heaven

  21. George Garcia

    Bobby our years of playing together we’re some of my greatest times. Your laughter was contagious and your talent on guitar was supreme. I’m sad that we lost track of each other threw the changes in our busy lives. It was great catching up at The Rockets reunions. Wish we had more time here on earth together to catch up but I know we will meet again and laugh at all the silly jokes that came out of that brain of yours. You always had me laughing. Please know I loved you as a brother & always will. God Rest your soul in his beautiful heaven

  22. Don Fries

    I was saddened to hear of your passing. We spent many hours together (on stage and off). Not sure which was more fun because you were a fun , funny guy always. I will be spending time in Sea Isle this summer and was looking forward to dropping in on you at a gig. Sorry this won’t happen now. RIP my brother. Condolences to your family and friends.

  23. Dennis York

    So sad to hear the news about Bobby.

    Bobby was always a joy to have around and talk to at work.

    Whenever you needed help, he never hesitated and made sure you got what you needed.

    From his trimming Rhododendrons while doing charity work to his singing Karaoke at the CARES Carnivals, he will truly be missed.

    Heaven has gained another soul that is playing music for all his fans.

    Deepest condolences to all Bobby’s family and friends.
    Rest in Peace brother.

  24. Joe Socha

    I was shocked to hear of Bobby’s passing. I met and played with Bobby in Zephyr. Although it was a long time ago I remember all the great the times like it was yesterday. Bobby was very talented. It was an honor to play on the same stage with him. I apologize for missing the service as my family was out of town,. I would like to extend my condolences to his 2 daughters, Melody and Lauren and his girlfriend Kim, and all of Bobby’s friends and family. I know he will be missed. God Bless Bobby

  25. Sheila Kennedy & Jay Dickinson

    I am so sorry about Bob. My husband and I followed Bob whenever we could in Riverside, Palmyra, Marlton and Sea Isle. We were there for the Rockets 25th reunion. He had so much talent for music and always enjoyed his shows. I worked with him and often stopped by to check on how things were. We so would have been there last Sunday to honor his life, but alas, we were in Mexico for our daughter’s wedding. Rest in Peace Bob, you will be missed!

  26. Don Eaise

    Bobby. I am just hearing about your passing. I am so sad right now. You were an inspiration in my life. You were my stepbrother. Wow, I cant comprehend this right now. Our families drifted apart and communications were nill. We just talked in April. It was a great conversation.
    We go way back to living together in good ole “O” street in Bridesburg. Man ,I could go on and on . You saw me hurting a few months back and reached out to help me. Brother , rest in peace. Say hello to Mom and Dad for me.
    Love You

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