Michael Richard Lee

(1956 - 2014)

He had a song in his heart and marched to his own beat. Music was always Mike’s major focus; he lost the use of his right hand, and was learning to play base guitar left handed. Earlier years found him playing in several local country bands. When it came to music trivia, he was an ace. He knew every song, who recorded it, when and where. His other focus, of course, was his daughter, Elizabeth. He called her several times a day just to gab. The two loved to get their “nerd on”, watching Star Wars and other flicks. Even when they were mad at each other, he still dripped with pride for her. Mike made people laugh. His impressions were always spot on. He was famous for doing Jim from Taxi. Earlier years found him working at Silverton Yacht Co. and more recently for the Philadelphia Hardware Group.

Mike is survived by his wife, Cara, though they were separated; his daughter, Elizabeth Moody and her husband, Damian.

Family celebrated 58 years privately.

5 thoughts on “Michael Richard Lee

  1. Cara

    Mike, you will be missed forever by your family, friends, and especially our daughter Elizabeth. I know you knew they all loved you. You and I had or differences, but as we grew up and got older things were okay between us. Now you are gone, know that piece of my heart will always be with you.
    Love Cara

  2. Laura O'Brien

    My Dear Brother Mike, You will forever be missed. We all rekindled our relationships this passed year. It was so nice to see Liz get married and
    You by her side with your hand and her hand given to Damian. Tori and
    Lexi loved escorting you into the reception at Liz wedding. You will
    Always have a very special place in my heart. Play that bass guitar and
    Sing your song. Mom and dad will be so happy to see you, as well as
    Danny and your mom. We will never ever forget you. God speed and
    Dance with the Angels. Love you Laura

  3. patrick lawler

    Mike was a great man. He was always a positive influence on others around him, and was always easy going and friendly. He had a great joy about him and his smile was genuine. He was quick to shake someone’s hand and always had a good joke to tell, in all my memories of Mike I can’t think of one time he was negative about anything. His love of music was one of the things that people found great about him, he was a talented instrumentalist and vocalist who performed for many years and made countless people happy. He was a good friend and his passing diminishes us all. He will be very greatly missed.

  4. Rick Allen

    Mike Lee … Where to start… First my deepest sympathies to all of his family members. Mike was one of the funniest, funnest, and all around a genuine A 1 dude! The times we had after gigs are still among topics of convo with some of our old bandmates. Slap that bass in heaven brother!

  5. cathryn mihalics

    My Brother In Law Mike I write this with a very heavy heart and a tear in my eye the news of your passing was so very shocking but more than anything in the world very sad… Although it had been a few years we spoke or seen you ,you were always a member of our Family… I had just spoke to you a week before you passed away our conversation was always a happy one we always talked about the old times I am going to really miss those conversations Mike… I was so happy we got the chance to see you at Elizabeth’s wedding and you got to meet my Granddaughters who just fell in love with you you will truly be missed forever I will always love you God Rest Your Wonderful Soul

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