Michael Richard Lee

Michael Richard Lee

He had a song in his heart and marched to his own beat. Music was always Mike’s major focus; he lost the use of his right hand, and was learning to play base guitar left handed. Earlier years found him playing in several local country bands. When it came to music trivia, he was an ace. He knew every song, who recorded it, when and where. His other focus, of course, was his daughter, Elizabeth. He called her several times a day just to gab. The two loved to get their “nerd on”, watching Star Wars and other flicks. Even when they were mad at each other, he still dripped with pride for her. Mike made people laugh. His impressions were always spot on. He was famous for doing Jim from Taxi. Earlier years found him working at Silverton Yacht Co. and more recently for the Philadelphia Hardware Group.

Mike is survived by his wife, Cara, though they were separated; his daughter, Elizabeth Moody and her husband, Damian.

Family celebrated 58 years privately.

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