Mary Elizabeth Paschall


The smile on her face would instantly put one on yours. Through life’s ups and downs Mary‘s concerns always seemed to be about everyone else: her family, her nurses, her social workers and all of their families. She was wise beyond her years: after four years of treatments she knew as much about AML as her doctors. They considered her less of a patient, more of a soldier in the fight. But when at home she was a normal teenager, hitting you with one of her funny quips and a quirky smile. She didn’t need a whole lot of summer to be happy; perhaps as little as five seconds. Make-a-Wish arranged for her to meet the band. It wasn’t their looks that she liked so much: Mary was just into the music.

She is survived by her parents, Anthony and Debbie; her brother, Anthony; maternal grandfather, Leonard Cohen; and paternal grandmother, Mary Lou Paschall.

Come celebrate 15 courageous years Sunday January 3 from 4 to 6 pm at Daley Life Celebration Studio and on Monday January 4 from 10 a.m. with the service at 11 a.m. at Living Hope Worship Center, Center Square Rd. and School Lane, Logan Twp. Burial to follow at Lake Park Cemetery, Swedesboro.

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  1. Jack foy

    I’ve known Mary for many, many months and I honestly cannot put Into words how much I’m going to miss her precious spirit. I first met Mary on Instagram after I saw her 5 Seconds of Summer pictures and we started to talk. We clicked and there was just something so amazing there and we became really close friends. If not best friends In a way, I will forever miss you and my heart aches 1000 times more knowing that I will never be able to speak to you again and even more, attend your funeral. I love you lots Mary, you’ll be gone but never forgotten and live on in my heart and memories x

  2. John and Stacey Dougherty

    Our hearts are broken with the loss of sweet Mary. No more suffering and now she is at peace . She is our angel watching over all of us . Rest well baby girl . You are truly missed by everyone . We love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Mary ann abate

    We know Mary and her family for about five years now and was always greated by warmth and love from mary and her family. I am so grateful to have you in my life and especially Tyler’s. Everday he would say:”how’s Mary doing ” I will think and pray for you Everday as we have been doing .Mary you are one of the bravest people I know often calling you “my hero ” I know you are the most beautiful angel in heaven -spreading your joy and happiness! Rest in Peace my sweet mary – I love you Mary Ann

  4. Kathy Oliver

    I only knew Mary for a short time. She was one of the sweetest, most couragous and insightful young ladies I have ever met. Mary could light up a room with her personality. Her family were absolutely the most supportive people I have had the privilege to work with. Thank you Mary for coming into my life. Heaven has received a beautiful angel, but the earth has lost one of the most wonderful people I knew. I’m so glad I was able to be your nurse.

  5. Paige Marie

    I didn’t get to spend to much time with Mary growing up. She was my cousin on my mom’s side and I never really got to connect with Mary like I should have. I regret not finding a way to really get to communicate with her and bond with her. I believe that God takes all of the good people sooner because he wants to bring them to a better place; a place that they deserve. On December 26, heaven received an angel. Mary is at peace now and she is definitely in a better place. Rest in peace, Mary. We all love and miss you so very much.

  6. Audrey McSwiggan

    I’ve known Mary and her family for many yrs. A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. My thoughts,and prayers are with the family. Rest in Peace Mary in God’s comforting arms, among the Angels.

  7. Lee-Anne Evans

    Sweet Mary, in the short time I have known you through Facebook you are a beautiful ray of sunshine with a huge positive heart and have a great sense of humour and I have been blessed to have the short time to get to know you beautiful, but it was too short and you were taken too soon, keep shining beautiful the Angel you are now sweetie

  8. Miss Ronnie

    I would like to thank the Paschall family for trusting me with their precious daughter. When I first found out that I was going to transport an ill child to school everyday I was a little nervous. The first day I met Mary all my nerves disappeared, I realized that this child’s body was weakened but her spirit was strong. No matter how bad she must have felt, she never complained.
    Mary, it has been my honor to be in your presence every day. Thank you for sharing your smile and your strength with me.
    Everyday when I get on my bus I will think of you and know that now I have a special angel watching over me on my journey to school everyday.
    You will be missed.
    Rest in peace sweet Mary!

  9. Tara McCloskey-Farmer

    Mary was one of my students during my first year teaching at Stratton. She was a quiet and sweet first grader whom like all of my current and former students will always hold a special place in my heart. Rest in peace Mary. Love, Mrs. M

  10. Tracy Fagan

    Mary is a beautiful soul. I was lucky enough to get to really know her at Kingsway. We shared a million laughs ! She loved being in school with the kids. I was truly blessed to know her. I will never forget her amazing smile, bravery, courage and spirit.

  11. Jordan Dreyer and Bryan Senkier

    You are truly one of my little sisters and one of the greatest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. You invited me to that 5SOS concert, and even though I did not go with you, I was still honored you wanted me to in the first place! I am not saying good bye to you becauae I know you are still with us in our hearts and minds! One day we will all meet again and I will give you the biggest hug!

  12. Donna Dougherty

    I remember when my beautiful niece was born. When I first saw her she waned my heart filled it with love. She was always a happy little girl. That’s what I loved about her the most. Every time we were together she would always follow my daughter Elizabeth Dougherty around the house. My daughter use to pick her up and play with her. They always were close. Mary had a lovely spirit and a kind heart. She loved her family and friends. Mary always showed her special heart in everything she did. She loved the little things in life. Even just swimming in the pool you would se how happy she was all the time. No words are beautiful enough to describe her. She was truly gods angel. When she had gotten sick she still didn’t change she never asked why her. She took everything that life had handed her and felt with it like a champ. There were so many times she would be laying in that hospital bed with so many tubes hooked up to her chest arms and throat. She would look like she’s in so much pain which she was. She never complained. She would ask how I was as well as the family. Her love and concern for others was overwhelming. She went through so much more than I can even talk about. But I will explain some of it. She had so many chemo treatments different drugs. She had a bone marrow transplant. Through out her long process of treatments she always had a smile. .. I watched her suffer for so long. So painful for anyone to see especially her immediate family. My heart goes out to them. Can’t believe my niece is in heaven and not here with us. Now I know what a true Angel is. God blessed us with her presence. My Mary will live in our hearts every second fir the rest of our life’s. {Mary you tell me you love me every day. If I could only let you feel my heart you would feel my over bearing love for you) love you to the moon and back. You can rest now baby.

  13. Madeline McLaughlin

    I had the opportunity to meet Mary only one time. She asked my son if he would like to go to homecoming with her. I was floored when Justin came home and said that HE was asked to go to homecoming….She looked so beautiful in her dress and had the biggest smile! Justin was wearing a suit for the first time ever and I remember her saying how nice he looked. That warmed my heart! What a sweet and beautiful soul. Rest in peace Mary….

  14. Katie Burke

    Mary was my cousin and even though I didn’t know her really I know she was a beautiful soul. She was someone who was incredibly brave and for such a young age an amazing little girl. I hope Mary knows that her Aunt Patty, cousins Nick, Emily, Joe, Crystal and I love her and will miss her. R.I.P. babygirl

  15. ish mercado

    Sorry hear of your loss, my condolences, I remember watching beginning to open up at school, an she
    was starting to enjoy herself mingling with the other students she seem so much happier. Mary rest in peace

  16. Miss Sharon

    I met Mary when she came to preschool for the first time ever. She was quiet and gentle and her smile spoke a thousand words. It was my pleasure and a blessing to spend those early years with such a sweet little girl whom I will always remember. Rest peacefully dear Mary. I will miss you and always remember the hugs we shared then and more recently at DuPont. Your strength was amazing and I admire you! I love you and am so happy to have known you. God bless you! XOXOXO

  17. Jenn Carver

    I am so sorry for your loss. Mary and I enjoyed many lunches together and talked about many things she was looking forward to doing. She always had a smile on her face and enjoyed spending time with her friends. She will be missed.She was brave and couragous. May she rest in peace.

  18. Cynthia Baita

    I am extremely sorry for your loss of such a strong, young woman with a kind soul. Although I only got to know Mary this year as her teacher, she was loved and will be missed by all whose life she touched. May she rest in peace.

  19. Cassie fagan

    I am so sorry for your loss. Mary was a beautiful girl with an uplifting personality. We had many classes together in elementary school and I will never forget how sweet and smart she was. Her smile was contagious. Everytime I saw her in school she never failed to greet me and make my day so much better. She was a beautiful soul who put up a great fight. She was a courageous solider who touched the souls of many people. May she rest in peace.

  20. Kelly Pollitt

    Mary was in my 6th grade class the year she was diagnosed. She was a remarkable girl with a big heart and a gentle but strong spirit. I am so proud of the way she fought and the love she gave. We will all miss you Mary but it gives me comfort to know that you are in no pain and you are free of your earthly body with its limitations and resting in the loving arms of your heavenly Father. Love, peace and comfort to your sweet family.

  21. Paul Haley

    God bless Mary . The 15 years of joy and happiness that she shared with her family will live in their hearts forever . Mary’s pain is gone but she will always be remembered by all that knew and loved her !

  22. Miss Stella

    My rememberances of you at Kiddie Garden & your sweet smile! You were such a gentle little girl & pleasure to be with. You will be missed by lots of folks! Prayers for your family as they face the emptiness. May your spirit live on those who love you & each life that you touched! God bless your soul!

  23. Sarah Morris

    I’m going to miss seeing her coming down the hallways I’m going to miss talking to her and having her smile make everyone’s day better she was an amazing beautiful young lady and just seeing her laugh and a having great spirit made me so happy. Rip beautiful.

  24. Barbara Price

    I did not know Mary well but what I did know about her is she was a very caring and loving young lady. My son Danny was friends with her and has so many very special memories….one being playing “zombies” with her and her brother at Nanny’s house. You will be missed by so many. Everyone that met you has been blessed in some kind of way. May you be at peace now. Rest In Peace sweet angel Mary.

  25. Milton Finn and family

    Our thought and prayers are with family at this extremely tough time. Although we never met Mary we have been praying for her from Florida for over two years. The strength displayed by Mary and her family is an inspiration and encouragement for anyone that has been blessed to know them.

  26. Dian Erber Priest

    My granddaughter Courtney attended school with Mary. My husband and I attended a pancake breakfast fundraiser a good while back that Courtney helped with. I have had her on my mind ever since. I actually don’t believe that Mary was at the breakfast when we were there but I have never forgotten her story. I will be thinking of your family and will say a prayer for you. I can’t possibly know what you are going through and the pain you feel. I do believe that Mary is peacefully breathing in a beautiful place. I know that doesn’t help but be assured there are people you don’t even know that are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.
    Dian Erber Priest

  27. Petes Pizza Joint

    I have known Anthony and Debbie for a long time, we are merchant/neighbors in Old City. What nice and kind people- they have been through so much… I cannot imagine. I will continue to keep them in my prayers. God, please comfort the family.

  28. The Collier family

    We met Mary in preschool at Kiddie Garden when she went to school with our son Ethan. She was such a sweet little girl, always smiling and happy. It has been many years since we’ve seen her and I had hope that she had been able to beat this awful illness. Our thoughts, prayers and blessings go out to you Mary as you join your fellow angels and also to the loving family you leave behind. God be with you all in this journey.

  29. Juliana and Valerie Amaradio

    Mary touched the heart of my daughter, Juliana, while riding the bus with Miss Ronnie this year. We are so sorry for your loss and hope that you find comfort in many beautiful memories. Juliana says, “I feel sad that I won’t be able to see my friend on the bus anymore. She was so very nice. I liked to talk to her. I’m glad I got to meet her. She is an angel of great happiness.” Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  30. Donna Peccari

    I believe my niece Mary just wanted to be a normal teenager, but it was her destiny to be an extraordinary young woman, loving, kind and unselfish.
    In spite of all her suffering, Mary had a tremendous sense of humor. I remember silly dancing and the crazy predicaments she created for her virtual Sims family. She kept our spirits high.
    Mary tried not to let the world pass her by even though she was sick for several years. She talked about becoming a respiratory therapist so she could help others. She loved music and dreamed of visiting Paris some day. But, I think she was most happy just being with family and telling them how much she loved them. Her love of life and the world was beyond measure. I am grateful for the times I spent with Mary and will keep her close to my heart to be more like her.

  31. Rose Badner

    Some days I find myself so tempted to text Mary Paschall just for one last time. I prayed for her everyday, hoping that she would come out of that surgery alive and well. I had such confidence that she would live longer, and death was the last thing on my mind for Mary. I fear that as the years go on, I will forget more and more about Mary; her sweet smile; her adorable sense of style; her contagious laugh; her beautiful soul. It sadness me that I had not know Mary as long as I wanted, and unfortunately I had not seen her very often (due to us living in two different states,) but I am so glad I had the pleasure of knowing her, even if it was for a short period of time. I remember the first time I saw her: two years ago at a camp, specifically for children who had cancer, “Kay’s Kamp.” She had her luggage trailing behind her and she was somewhat shy at first, nevertheless, her personality soon fluttered out, and she became friends with many of our cabin mates. Every year the camp would hold a gathering called “The Celabration of Life,” in which the camp directors would show a slideshow of all of the ‘Kamper’s’ who have unfortunately passed away. Mary would always tear up at the ceremony, even though she never even knew majority of the children who became Angels. I am not looking forward to seeing her in next years video. I miss her so much and I am devastated that she is gone because she did not deserve to go at such a young age. I pray that she is living happily with the Lord in paradise, and I hope that one day, we shall reunite in Heaven. I love you, Mary.

  32. Sara Razi

    I first met Mary in the 2nd grade at parent pick up , it was June 17th and i saw her sitting there so i ran over and introduced myself because her headband caught my attention. At that moment we exchanged sparkly stars that we made in class and we became very good friends. As the years went on, Mary and i had every class together and we spent our times talking about nickelodeon, and cartoon network. We formed a close bond and she became my other half. When i moved from Swedesboro in 2011, Mary and i became closer because we knew the distance would never ever tear us apart it made us stronger

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