Louis Shultz

Louis Shultz

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Louis Shultz. Lou was born in Milwaukee, raised in Spring Valley, NY, educated at Stony Brook and Syracuse Universities, and ultimately settled in Logan Township, NJ. He was an anchor for his family, co-workers, friends, and community.

Lou first met his college sweetheart Kathy, whom he called Katie, during their time at Stonybrook. Over the next 40 wonderful years, Lou and the pretty girl from across the hall built a life together and loved each other unwaveringly. Every night as he walked through the door, he would greet Kathy with a joyful, “Hi beautiful, I’m home!” Lou and Kathy were blessed with three children, Jessica (Michael) Alfaro, Robert (Christina Colucci) and William; and later by grandchildren, Hallie and Connor Louis. He is survived by his mother, Nancy Lindeman; his stepfather, Bill Lindeman; his sisters, Lisa Shultz and Julia (Daniel) Perez; and numerous beloved nieces and nephews.

Whether you met him once or knew him for years, you got the same Lou. His family would often joke that he couldn’t finish a grocery run or walk the dog around the block without making a new friend. He had the heart of a lion and maintained a fiercely positive outlook, facing adversity with squared shoulders and a firm resolve. During his hospitalizations, Lou was seemingly less concerned with his health than the wellbeing of those around him. Throughout recovery, he would walk the floor of his unit, praying with other patients and helping them navigate their fears. From his hospital bed, he even helped a distressed hospital worker prepare for a final exam, and shared tears with her upon receiving her passing grade.

Lou was constant, dependable, and humble; for his extended family, “Uncle Lou” became a verb. To “Uncle Lou” something was to shoulder a problem and execute a solution, all while never seeking recognition for the act. Lou was a dedicated father and an example for his children and their friends, often mentoring those who sought guidance as adult life’s challenges arose.

A true engineer at heart, Lou was meticulously organized. Even ideas for fun family activities were catalogued in an alphabetized folder dubbed “the fun file”. He enjoyed a good drink from time to time; usually bourbon, although he’d make room for the occasional fruity concoction. He loved making wine with good friends. A food enthusiast, Lou never met a meal he didn’t love. He seldom left the house in a t-shirt; everything matched down to his shoelaces. He mowed the lawn in a polo shirt and packed 10 pairs of sneakers for an overnight trip.

Lou’s faith was extremely important to him. A lay leader at Bethesda Church, he called upon his natural leadership ability to better the congregation. He truly loved his church family. As a senior manager at Boeing in Ridley Park, Lou voraciously dug into his work and found his days there both challenging and fulfilling. He was known to identify helicopters strictly by sound and hustle his family outside at the drop of a hat if he heard something interesting passing overhead. He had a passion for cars, subscribed to Motor Trend and owned a black Dodge Challenger, which he joked had more horsepower than he had maturity.

Come celebrate 60 years of an exceptional life. Lou lived well and loved well. Calling hours will be held Friday, February 4th from 6-8 pm and Saturday, February 5th from 10-11 am at Daley Life Celebration Studio, 1518 Kings Highway in Swedesboro, NJ. The service will immediately follow. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to Lou’s beloved Bethesda United Methodist Church, 1435 Kings Highway, Swedesboro NJ 08085.


  1. Gerrett Snediker says:

    My sincere condolences to the Shultz family. Lou was a great leader here at Boeing and cared tremendously for his work family. May God Bless you during this difficult time. Lou will very much be missed.

    • David Broyles says:

      My sincere condolences to Kathy and the Shultz family as I have just learned of Lou’s passing. May the Lord comfort you all and grant you peace. May His blessings be upon you. Lou’s faith will forever be an inspiration to me as well as an encouragement. I cannot think of a better legacy that could be passed on to succeeding generations than his love for God. Lou will be missed greatly but forever fondly remembered.

  2. Cheryl Michael says:

    Sincere condolences and prayers to Kathy and the family. Lou was a wonderful man and leaves behind a beautiful legacy. He will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace in God’s loving arms.

  3. Vince Salvatore says:

    I knew Lou, Kathy, and the kids from Bethesda and Lou from working at Boeing. Everything written about him is 100% true. He was a kind, considerate gentleman and a brilliant man. As I think about him I smile. God bless you Lou, and God bless Kathy and the kids, I know he’ll be sorely missed!

  4. Niki McGrath says:

    Dearest Kathy and family, my heartfelt condolences to you all. I prayed that God will comfort you sweetheart and give you peace in His time. Eddie shared this with me. Yes what a wonderful man he was the few times I got to meet him:-) the writing was spoken from your heart and was incredibly beautiful!

    Much love,

    Androniki McGrath ❤🙏

  5. Kathy Reiners says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss his great smile. Such a great man and he will be missed by so many. Love and hugs to all of you–Kathy Reiners

  6. Yiyi Zhang says:

    Lou was that perfect manager you would see on TVs. He was everything you expected. He’s, poise, charismatic, and always knows the correct thing to say even in the most awkward conversations. We’ve jokingly made comments like “gosh, he got away again” after he smooth over the awkward topics. He was my first manager and he made my times adjusting to work that much easier. He made speaking up easy. I never had to worry about if he would have any issues with the concerns I bought up to the team. We’ve all seen him battle for his health over the years, and never once he showed weakness. He always comes in with his smile. We will all miss him.

  7. Suzanne Perez Miller says:

    So much love to you all. As a former classmate from 4th through 12th grade, I see the young Louie in that beautiful photo. He was born a gentleman and sounds like he died a gentleman, too. So sorry for your loss. What a fellow!

  8. Kenny Klein says:

    Lou was a good friend. He was far and away the most positive person I’ve ever met. At work he would often say “I’m having a blast. I love coming to work every day. I love what I do and I love the intellectual challenge of it all.” He will be missed and I’m filled with sad feelings but I’m trying to channel my inner Lou and stay positive. I think he would appreciate that.

  9. rosanne pyle says:

    We are so very sorry to hear this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Shultz family.
    God Bless you all,
    Rosanne and Bob Pyle

  10. Paul Cavanaugh says:

    Lou was one of my first managers when I joined the Boeing Company and had since become a great colleague and friend. I’ll miss his eternal, unwavering and contagious optimism. He set a high bar for how to approach problems and how to treat people.

  11. Elaine Matteo says:

    Kathy & family, so sorry for your loss. My prayers are uplifted for you & Lou.

  12. Michael Murphy says:

    I knew Lou From Bethesda and whenever he would see me even at wawa he would always ask how I was doing.

  13. Mark Robuck says:

    Lou was a great friend with whom I had the pleasure of working with on a daily basis for the last 15+ years. Lou was very respected for his great technical knowledge and engineering skills, but even more admired for his considerate and positive character. It is a sad day for all of his co-workers at Boeing to lose our friend and team mate. My deepest sympathy to Lou’s family.

  14. Pat Paiewonsky says:

    Lou was perhaps the most patient and calm person I have had the privilege to know. His interactions with the people he met have always been inspirational. He was a true family man, always putting his family first in every way. He will continue to be a role model for those lucky enough to have known him. I know I am a better person because he was my family member and also because he was my friend.

  15. Karen Pulaski says:

    So many many memories of my sweet, steady “always there” brother in law. He was a rock in our family – always there to celebrate the good times and to be a constant support in challenging times. He was never too busy to make time for us. One of the calmest people I ever knew. I will miss drinking martinis or red wine- our many great conversations about life, family and friendship. I am honored that he was a part of our family for 40 years. Love you more than words can ever say Lou- until we meet again- rest now.

  16. Stephanie R says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Lou’s passing. Always quick with a smile, a genuinely nice man. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  17. Kris Gellert says:

    I am so lucky to have had the pleasure of knowing Lou and this wonderful Shultz family. Such a good man always quick with a smile and kind words. I am sure you are leaning on one another and holding each other up.
    Sending a big hug from North Carolina. Wishing you peace.

  18. Jean Abt Tilly says:

    May sweet memories be a comfort to you and your family.

  19. Kate Falk says:

    Dearest Katie and family,
    So sorry to hear of Louis passing. We have such wonderful memories from our time in Syracuse, living In married student housing. May your memories and the hope of heaven, knowing you will be reunited with him, sustain you through these sad days and bring you comfort.
    Much love and prayers,
    Kate and Stuart

  20. Nancy Harkins says:

    Love and prayers to Kathy and family during this difficult time. Lou always greeted you with a warm smile whenever he saw you. Take comfort that Lou is with the Lord and will be watching over you all. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  21. Mark Finser says:

    So many memories of Louis flood my mind as I read this sad news for all who loved him and those he loved! I had lost touch with Louis over these many years but appreciated knowing him in grade School, high School and on the basketball team. Sadly the last time I think we connected was at Kathy and Louis beautiful wedding so so many years ago. But from the write up he sounds just like the man I knew back then. I send my best wishes and condolences to the whole family! I cannot help but believe that his incredible light will continue to bless his family, friends and colleagues every time they turn to his spirit now and for ever more.

  22. Dan Zierten says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what the family is going through. Lou was my manager for many years and I will surely miss him. He was a real class act: sharp, well groomed, cool, collective, great character and very dedicated to his job. I always enjoyed it when he would stop by and talk shop. We both loved our Mopar automobiles.

  23. Lynne Randall and family says:

    Sincere condolences to Kathy, kids and the Schultz family. Lou was friends with my lat husband, Jim and we met hi and Kathy at Trinity i the early 90’s. My twins are in between Bobby and Billy in their High school class and they had birthday parties together when they were little. The Schultz family joined Bethesda and Lou came back, a few times, many years ago to stand on the altar during a service. We always appreciated his service and kindness towards others. I remember bumping into him at the Acme and he’d give me n update on how his kids were doing. My husband enjoyed having Lou as a friend at Trinity and bumping into hi in Beckett. Rest in peace to a good man and a joy to anyone who met or knew him for a short or long time.

  24. Lynne Randall says:

    Sincere condolences to Kathy, kids and the Schultz family. Lou was friends with my lat husband, Jim and we met hi and Kathy at Trinity i the early 90’s. My twins are in between Bobby and Billy in their High school class and they had birthday parties together when they were little. The Schultz family joined Bethesda and Lou came back, a few times, many years ago to stand on the altar during a service. We always appreciated his service and kindness towards others. I remember bumping into him at the Acme and he’d give me n update on how his kids were doing. My husband enjoyed having Lou as a friend at Trinity and bumping into hi in Beckett. Rest in peace to a good man and a joy to anyone who met or knew him for a short or long time.

  25. Yi and Julia Lu says:

    Our sincere condolences and love to Kathy and the family. There are so many wonderful memories of Lou from our time in graduate school, in the company, and outside work. Lou was a gentleman who was poise and charismatic. He was a great friend, trustworthy and supportive. Lou will be very much missed. Kathy, we wish strength in this difficult time.
    Yi & Julia

  26. Bob Derham says:

    Lou was a college friend, work colleague and companion. My greatest sympathies to Kathy, Jess, Billy and Bob. Let me know if anything is needed. He was much too young and vital. He will be missed.

  27. Matthew Molokie says:

    Louis was a wonderful man, and I was saddened to hear of his death. My sincere condolences to Katie, the children, Nancy, and Bill. I shall keep all of you, and the repose of Louis’ soul, in my prayers. May he rest in peace.

  28. Jim Nocerino says:

    I’m truly sorry to read this terribly sad and heartbreaking news. Even though we lost touch over the years the memories of our days as roommates at Stonybrook University, the honor of being bestman at your wedding and Godfather to Bob are just a few of the wonderful memories I have and will continue to cherish. Time is so short rest easy Lou I’ll be praying for you.

  29. The Deal Family: Amanda, Abigail, and Dicky says:

    When I met Jess eight years ago, her dad was well into his battle with cancer, but no matter how difficult thing got, it was always clear he would find the positives. That is truly remarkable. Jess has always been one of the most kind and generous people I know. Having read about her father, that’s no surprise. The apple didn’t fall far. Our hearts break for Jess and the entire Schultz family. We hope wonderful memories will help ease your grief.

  30. Weston Ohlerking says:

    I sorry for your loss. Lou was a pleasant man and he always reached out to see if you need help in anything. He will be missed greatly.

  31. patrice w dennison says:

    What a wonderful dear, writing on Lou. I was glad to learn more about him.
    . I chuckled since my dad was electrical engineer.

  32. Fred Siegele says:

    I just found out today (Feb. 28th) that Lou had died from the guy that runs the fitness center at Boeing. I am very sad today to have heard this news.
    I always liked Lou and he would talk to me kindly at the gym like he knew me forever. I knew he was a believer in the Lord Jesus so he is in a much better place at this moment than the rest of us here. Praise God for his life and pray for his family.

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