Lindsey Kay Sickler

(January 28, 1987 - December 12, 2013)

Lindsey Kay Sickler

Lindsey never taught from a book, but rather from her heart. Lindsey loved her classroom children as if they were her own. Family and friends were very important to her. When at her home in Hammonton her mind was still on the students; it wasn’t uncommon for her to show up with new ideas for class, freshly baked cookies and she even once “baked” multiple colors together so the kids could have rainbow crayons. It was simply a part of her selfless nature, others always came first.
However, that sense of selflessness was accompanied by an unyielding motivation. While she was a student at Riverside High School she was president of the class of 2005, co-editor of the yearbook, honor society president, a passionate participant in Sports Night (her White Will Win sign is still being used today), a field hockey all-star and still found time for Ballet, Tap and Jazz Dancing. While at Richard Stockton College things didn’t change; she was president of the Speech and Hearing Club, a member of the Who’s who among Students in American Universities and Colleges, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, was the recipient of many academic scholarships, graduated Magna Cum Laude and volunteered with numerous non-profit organizations. On Sunday, December 15, she was posthumously awarded a Master of Science in Communication Disorders, which her family accepted on her behalf. Never content to let her hands rest, she took the arts & crafts that her grandmother introduced her to as a child and turned it into a side business. This endless enthusiasm was even seen in her leisure pursuits. Sure, when it was warm she could often be found enjoying a day at the beach at Barnegat Inlet with her mother, but when the weather turned cold she was as fast as any of the boys when she was on her snowboard with her brother. Or on some days she was content just to hang out with Dad in his garage. She also loved spending time with her sister doing “girly” things.
Lindsey is survived by her parents: Marchelle Sickler of Browns Mills and Thomas Sickler, Jr. of Burlington Twp., her siblings: Brett Sickler of Delran, Holly Sickler of Riverside and Joe Bowers of Riverside, her “Poppy”, Bill Craython of Delran, grandmother, Molly Palmer of TX, grandfather, Thomas Sickler, Sr. of Delran and her great-grandmother, Marie McMullen. She is also survived by many aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, colleagues as well as by her best-friend, Danielle Riley.
Come celebrate Lindsey’s 26 selfless, motivated and wonderful years (January 28, 1987-December 11, 2013) Wednesday from 6-9 PM and Thursday from 9:30 AM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, 337 Bridgeboro St., Riverside, where the service will be Thursday at 11 AM. Interment Lakeview Memorial Park, Cinnaminson. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be given to the Children’s Miracle Network 205 West 700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

49 thoughts on “Lindsey Kay Sickler

  1. Donna Kelly

    Oh Lindsey…being around your family, your Mom, brother and Uncle Shawn, well, there is so much sadness without you here. They miss you terribly. You were a beautiful, talented young woman and a ray of light. A wonderful teacher who taught the children above and beyond. I am so fortunate I got to spend Thanksgiving with you. I realized then what an amazing person you were. God Bless you Lindsey and heaven just gained a beautiful angel. You are so missed. May you Rest in peace.

  2. Monica Carruthers

    It was an honor to know and love you during your short time with us. In that short time you accomplished more than some do who get to live a long life. I watched you grow into a beautiful young woman and am so proud of you. I will never forget the trip to the Poconos,hanging out in my pool, canoeing,watching you,Brett,Eddie and Neil playing together when you were little and fighting like you guys were brothers and sister. You were out numbered 3 to 1 but you held your own. I still can’t beleive your gone. I miss you terribly and will love you forever. Until we meet again, rest in peace.
    Love Monica

  3. Jessica

    I went to school with you, never hung out with you but I did speak to you on a few occasions. I have only met less than a handful of people that were as full of life as you were. You were the most kind, most helpful and the smartest person. You seemed like the kind of person that would give someone anything and everything that you had just to make their day better. On top of all of that, you were as beautiful as could be. You don’t come across all of those qualities in one person very often in a lifetime. From what I’ve seen in the past few days, you touched so many people. People that you probably didnt even realize you made an impression on, myself included. Like I said, we weren’t friends, but, to remember someone after more than ten years of not being in school, shows the impact that those few conversations had. You will be missed by so many. Your memory will live on with your friends, your family, your co-workers, and your students and everyone else who had the pleasure of meeting you. Rest in Peace Lindsey. Gone too Soon, but, Never Forgotten.

  4. John Del Vacchio

    I had the pleasure of being one of Lindsey’s class mate at Stockton as we earned our Masters degree. She was very giving and encouraging. Lindsey was good at everything she did, real good. She had a good sense of humor and you always left her feeling good about yourself. I am pretty numb right now, this has been a brutal week. Lindsey was supposed to be one of my lifetime friends and now she is gone, I am broken hearted at the loss of our superstar. Love you Lindsey.


  5. Ediana Martinez


    Ahhhh girl this is still so unbelievable, shows us how short life really is . Just saw you a few months ago before my son was born. We were talking about what we did after we graduated from Undergrad. You continued your studies, and I went on as well but took a break to have my family. You were so happy for me, as I was happy for you for almost being done! You did it! You did finish, you made your family proud, and you inspired many! May God bless your family and give them the strength.

  6. sandy bendy

    i just can’t beleive this, you did do much for others while u where here i loved spending time w you and your mom!! I don’t know what she is gonna do you were her best friend not only her daughter..i will miss your smile and stories..go to heaven now and make sure you give pop!!and your grandmother love and kisses from me…marchel i am so sorry..sandy+family

  7. Danielle Riley

    Im still numb and in shock…we have been friends since the beginning. I am so proud to say that you are my best friend. We have went through thick and thin. You have the whole world in your hands now. I love you to the moon and back… till we meet again. I love you Lindsey <3

  8. Nina Crain

    I was blessed doubly with Lindsey- as a colleague when we worked together a few years ago and then as my son’s speech teacher. My son loved doing his homework she assigned and would laugh as he did it telling me the fun way she presented the materials. She was incredible in every way and a true advocate for all children. We will forever be greatful for her encouragement and dedication.

  9. Mommy (Shell Sickler)

    My baby girl Lindsey I love and miss you so much. You were my best friend and confidant. You were my “rock” in tough times. I was so proud of you. You were all I could ask for in a daughter and you were perfect in every way in my eyes. I would need a book to describe you starting with your tiny feet kicking in mommy’s belly. You were a shining star your whole life and you lit up a room every time you walked in. You taught me! My life is forever changed and I can only hope all of your friends, family and all who knew us can help me through it. It’s just me and Brett now and I am struggling on why God took you home, but I won’t let him forsake me. I’m glad you knew The Lord and I will miss our talks and going to church and everything about you. I will never see you get married or have children and I know that was your next big goal in life. Take care of all the children in heaven now baby girl. Your work is not done! Mommy will see you again. I love you.

  10. Jaclyn Oehler

    From the time we met at Stockton to our days at Red Lobster and the beginning of our careers in Millville schools, you have always been MY motivation to keep going, keep trying and keep dreaming. Always a source of strength and determination I will miss you so very much. Though we moved farther apart with my move to Maryland I never felt apart from you. I loved our “ride-home” talks and rants about how things SHOULD be. You were an AMAZING person so full of love and light and those two things will never leave me. I am so proud of all you accomplished in your time here with us but know that God has bigger plan for you and needed you now. I will forever remember you, finish school for you and practice the profession that brought us together in your memory. Rest easy, Lindsey. Love you.

  11. Susan Mullen

    Lindsay was one of my favorite people when she attended “Sue’s Club” (the latchkey program at the Methodist Church) She would always help everyone else and keep Brett under her wing. As all kids from grades K-6 disagree and argue, Lindsay would say “I can handle this” and break it up and make games of whatever the problem was. Even back then she loved children, I am glad I knew Lindsay and know she will be missed by all who knew her. May peace be with her friends and family as you have a beautiful Guardian Angel

  12. Dr. Phillip Hernandez

    Thank you Lord for placing such a phenomenal person, student, and clinician in my life. I have had the privilege of knowing Lindsey for the past three years as her professor and served on her Masters thesis committee. During Lindsey’s thesis defense, I also had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Sickler (Lindsey’ twin); where I witnessed her beaming with much love and pride for her daughter. The strong bond between mother and daughter was so beautiful to see. When professors tell students that we learn from them as much as they learn from us they look at us so bewildered, but it is all so true! Today, in honor of Lindsey, I went to back to work keeping in mind Lindsey’s passion for the field of SLP and how she advocated so strongly for all the students she worked with; this is how I will honor her. Thank you Sickler family for sharing your Lindsey with us. The Lord needed a phenomenal SLP to work with his angels. Much strength and love to the family.

  13. Lindsay Laielli

    Such a tragic loss. Lindsey had just begun to live her life. She had so much to give to her community not only through her profession but through her love of life and willingness to help others. Through her, I learned what real determination was. Lindsey touched so many lives while she was here and I hope that one day I can say the same about myself. Rest in peace.

  14. Veronica

    To the Sickler family, I send my sincere condolences. I work in Millville Schools and I feel like I would have enjoyed knowing Lindsey. My hope is that when your hearts get heavy with grief you find Lindsey’s friends to lean on. May you draw comfort in knowing that God cares about you all. Take Care.

  15. Matthew Van Orden


    I am still struggling to really understand that you are no longer around. Although I haven’t seen you in over two years, all of my memories of our times together are very clear in my mind. I remember the day you found out you were hired by Millville and how excited you were. The way you were with those kids even from your first few weeks at Millville was just an amazing thing to see. I knew they were all very lucky to have such an amazing and caring teacher looking out for them. I can remember all of the wonderful dinners you prepared for me with such care and warmth. Endless hours of watching Hoarders on your couch and trying to discipline that little dog of yours who never wanted to listen. As I got to know you better, I realized what a motivated person you were. All of the different clubs and activities you were a part of made me want to do more with myself. I can remember registering for the GRE together at your mother’s house. You were so excited about taking on the next challenge of graduate school and it made me want do to the same thing. I knew then that being around a person like you would make me a better person who would be able to accomplish more with my life. The seed of motivation that you planted in my mind was the catalyst for all that came next for me. After we parted ways, I kept that seed with me and I know it was you who helped push me to leave my comfort zone and do something more with myself. That didn’t play out as going to graduate school like we discussed, but it did push me to move to South Korea and try something completely new. You also taught me some very crucial lessons about relationships and being the kind of man that someone would want to be with and I’ll always be indebted to you for that. I am writing this from China and can’t attend your funeral, so this is the only way I can pay my respects to you. I’ll never forget you Lindsey. You were such an amazing person and this is a real tragedy. I’ll miss you and I hope to see you again. Rest in peace.

  16. Evy Cruzado

    I’ve had the pleasure to work with Lindsey at Rieck Ave. School for the past two years.. I remember you asking me to help you refresh your spanish to help you with your bilingual students.. I’m glad to know that I was there to help you. Thank you for stopping by the bilingual kindergarten class just to say hi.. Heaven just gained another beautiful Angel.. You will be truly missed ..
    Rest In Peace.

  17. Kerry Hanan Welding

    My family and I were fortunate to meet Lindsey this year through my brother Mike. We immediately liked her. She was just so full of life and a truly special person. She was so sweet, smart, caring, and beautiful! I remember asking her a question about speech, and she immediately sent me information from Pinterest ( she was an avid “pinner” on there). She was so enthusiastic about her students and work. I can’t understand why she was taken so young, she had the brightest future ahead of her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and I pray that they are able to find comfort during this incredibly difficult time. Lindsey, you touched so many lives, you will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace

  18. Wes Hughes



    I will always rememeber you and Dina running around together on “bring your daughter to work day” at Okidata. You were quite the team you two :)

    Little did I know at that time the energy you had would propel you to greatness and inspire so many. I should have though, because you got that energy from your Mom.

    You are special to so many, but none more than your Mom; but you know that.

    Watch over her from above.


  19. Billy Burbage

    Lindsey – You were a beautiful and sweet angel on earth and now in heaven. We will miss you terribly. You will be forever in our hearts. We love you eternally. – Billy

  20. Tom Anconetani

    Although I haven’t seen Lindsey in almost eighteen years, I can still remember her as a young girl who always had a ribbon in her hair.

    I wasn’t fortunate enough to know Lindsey as a grown up, but if she was anything like her mom, then I think I have a pretty good idea as to how wonderful she was.

    We’ll miss you, Lindsey.

  21. Samala O. Smith

    Dearest Sickler Family,
    I pray asking God’s continued blessings over each of you during this very difficult time. I’m a student of the Richard Stockton College Social Work major. Please continue trusting God at his word find comfort in knowing Lindsey is and will continue watching over you with love and comfort beyond today. God’s continued blessings remain encouraged with his loving grace.
    Samala O. Smith
    Student of The Richard Stockton Colloege

  22. Shirley

    Oh Shell, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. My heart is breaking for you and your family. As a Mom your loss is incomprehensible. May God keep you in his care as you say goodbye to your perfect angel, called home much too soon. Know that I am praying for you and your family to find peace.

  23. Patricia Bedson

    We only knew Lindsey a short time, when she came visiting my son Christopher. Lindsey was a beautiful and sweet young lady. Always polite, as she would always stop and speak with me. She was always, happy and excited, on Thanksgiving it was her mothers baking. Our prayers go to the Sickler family for God’s grace during this time. Our hearts are breaking.
    Patricia Bedson

  24. Nancy Cicale

    I was just at Red lobster last week asking the waittress if Lindsey still worked there.She said she never met her so its been a very long time since I had seen her. She was a bartender there and i sat at the bar waitting for my table with my husband talking to Lindsey about the old times when I would help babysit her and her brother at the Latchkey program run by Sue Mullen.She was as cute and sweet that day as I remembered her when she was little. My prayers go out to her Mom and Dad and her siblings and her family and friends.She is with the angels in heaven and she will be blessed. She really made a difference in peoples lives from what I have read about her. It doesn’t surprise me at all!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BE WITH YOU LINDSEY AND PEACE BE WITH YOU FOREVER. XOXOXOXO

  25. Margaret Keane

    Marchelle, I never got to meet your Lindsey but if she was anything like you I am sure she was amazing. I am so incredibly sorry that you have to go thru this. So many people love you and care about you. Lean on us and on God. Lindsay is helping children in Heaven now. She will never be forgotten. Please know that I am here for you if you need anything. Love you! Margaret

  26. Paige L. Sturts

    To Lindsey’s family,
    May you find comfort in the knowledge that Lindsey shone her light on so many, leaving a positive and lasting impression. Her sweetness, and kindness were only paralleled by her intelligence and determination. I will remember her always with fondness.

  27. Lisa Glynn

    I shared an office with Lindsey at Mt. Pleasant School in Millville the 2010/2011 school year. I feel that it was an honor to spend the year in Lindsey’s presence. It was a very difficult year for me because I had found out that my father had multiple myeloma at the beginning of the school year. Lindsey was there for me every day when I myself was falling apart inside. I lost my father in April of that year and Lindsey went out of her way to comfort me in any way that she could. She truly was a gifted and special person who was mature beyond her years. I found the sympathy card the other day that she gave to me when my father passed away and I found the Christmas card that she sent me via inter-office mail last year even though we did not work in the same school anymore. She was so thoughtful and giving in so many ways and for that I will never forget her. I will always cherish the time that I had with her and will always hold it near and dear to my heart.


    Lisa Glynn
    Memorial and Lakeside Spanish Teacher
    Millville Public Schools

  28. Debbie Hayes

    I was given the pleasure of meeting Lindsey this year when I decided to take a position with Millville Public Schools. I was also given the opportunity to be her mentor/supervisor this year and I am saddened that such a wonderful, talented, and caring young woman was taken so soon! She was already a wonderful speech therapist, and was well on her way to making a difference for so many children! I feel blessed that our paths on this earth were given the chance to cross, her enthusiasm for what she was doing, learning, and teaching was contagious! My prayers are with her family and loved ones, my heart is broken for you.

  29. Chris Bedson

    Lindsey, The time we shared was too short. I can say with a open heart, we would have shared many more memories together. I always thought of you and was always excited to see you. A piece of you will remain in my heart and prayers forever. I am going miss your pretty smile and laugh. Your a beautiful angel and I will see you again. Love, Chris xox

  30. James Blose


    It’s difficult to believe this is real. I’m thankful for all of the time I spent in your company, every second of it was amazing! The pleasure was all mine and I feel truly blessed to have had you in my life. I’ll surely never ever forget you or anything about you! It was the best time of my life, and you have had and will continue to have a place in my heart! You were the best of everything all rolled into one. I’m happy I got to see you earlier this year and we were able to clear things up between us. My admiration for you and your unrelentless determination to follow, chase, and most importantly accomplish your dreams is immeasurable! I’ve never known anyone like that and doubt I ever will again. You were the most beautiful young lady but that doesn’t begin to completely describe or define you as a person. Not at all! Everything you did you did with love, care, passion, and you gave it your all. Without a doubt you will be missed by everyone you came in contact with. To your family and friends I am sorry you have to go through this, and my prayers and thoughts are with you all!

    Goodbye Cheeks!


  31. Brooke Triboletti

    I had the honor of recently meeting Lindsey and becoming her hairdresser.

    You were such a sweet and pleasant person to be around. I just saw you three weeks ago. We had an amazing conversation about life and the advice and words you gave me will forever stay in my heart. In the short time that I got to know you and become your friend, there is no doubt in my mind that you are one of God’s greatest angels right now. You are such a selfless, beautiful, loving soul and that’s exactly what God needed right now. I pray your family knows this and knows you are holding their hands through this hard time. You are truly one of a kind and I feel blessed and thankful to have met you and have th conversations we had. Until we meet again, beautiful Lindsey. Enjoy your eternal, happy life with God. We will all see you again someday.

  32. April Klein


    I remember you as a small child. Your mother brought you to Delran High School to come work with me and be a part of the Early Childhood program. I always remember your excitement and energy. It appears though your life was unfairly far too brief, that excitement and energy ran forth with you. I am so proud to have a family tie to you, and so proud of everything you have accomplished, in 26 too short years. I am so very sorry for the pain your absence brings to your parents, siblings, all of your family, and friends. I pray for peace for them. May your sweet soul rest in peace amongst heaven’s finest angels.

  33. Melissa Flynn

    Lindsey, your inner light always had a way of shining through in everything you did. Your presence will be greatly missed by the students and staff at your schools, but especially by the speech therapist in Millville. You may have come asking questions, but I always went away with more knowledge and passion for my profession just from talking with you. You made me want to strive to be a better person and SLP, to know more and do more…You also tired me out. Just watching your boundless energy and constant forward motion toward your goals was amazing to see. Who’s going to come up with new lists to keep us on task? Who’s going to be one step ahead of the next procedure change and have things figured out even before we start? You had a passion and drive for this field, you would have moved mountains for your students, friends and whoever needed you. My husband reminded me (again), that when God calls someone home, we simply go – and I understand that in my soul – this is God’s will, but my heart breaks for your family and friends who have lost such an amazing beacon of goodness and light. You will be so greatly missed by all who knew you.

  34. Alise M. Jordan

    Words fall short of expressing our sorrow for your loss. Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. May she fly with the angels.

    Alise, Cliff and all at L & C Specialized Carriers

  35. Melissa


    It’s hard believe this is true. I miss our long talks about nothing and our random texts. Every time I saw you, you always had a smile on your face, no matter how bad your day was, and knew the right words to say to cheer me up. I walk by your door everyday, and pause, waiting for you to open it up to tell me something crazy or funny. You were an inspiration to all around you and a gifted young lady who took on life full force and never looked back. I’m going to miss you!

  36. Roslyn Wright


    I saw you just 3 short weeks ago and remember speaking about graduation and life. I will forever cherish this conversation and live always thinking about your advice. You were such a beautiful person inside and out. Heaven has gained another angel. My deepest thoughts and prayers go to your family during this difficult time, always know you will have a guardian angel forever watching over you.

    Roslyn Wright

  37. E'Laine Brooks

    Lindsey, your light shines so bright. Those of us fortunate enough to have met you will never be in darkness because you imparted a spark that can not be dimmed. What an amazing young women you were. Your gift was so infectious that it inspired everyone you encountered. I know that we are all going to leave this earth one day, but not everyone will be remembered with such reverence and respect. I did not get to spend time with you as an adult. God knows I wished that I had. But I kept track of your accomplishments through social media, and I was extremely proud of you. I break down when I try to wrap my limited understanding around how someone who gave so selflessly and contributed so much in such a short amount of time could be called home so soon. My heart gets sad but then I remind myself that you lived your life to the fullest. You packed in in 26 years what some can’t do with double the time. Your life was not lived in vain. I am in awe of the incredible legacy you are leaving.

    Shell, my heart goes out to you. I don’t know whether I am crying more for Lindsey or for you. I do know that Lindsey is a reflection of you. You have always had a heart of gold. Thank you for bringing such an incredibly wonderful human being into this world. I am limited in my understanding of why such things happen. So I shake my head incessantly at times trying to make sense. I do trust God’s Will for our lives. I do believe that there are angels among us here on earth. And now one of those angels has been called home for reasons we may never know. My prayers are with you, your family and all who are mourning Lindsey. I will honor and celebrate Lindsey by not taking one single moment of life for granted and by being of service to others.

    Lindsey, I truly hope you can see the affect you have had on so many. Many lives have been enriched because of you. Thank you. Love you.

  38. Casey Gabriel

    I still can’t believe this happened. I remember your constant enthusiasm and motivation in all you did during undergrad. You were full of energy and light. Even though we weren’t close friends, we both shared a passion for speech pathology. I know for sure you’ve made such a great impact on so many lives especially the kids you worked with. Most people who have been in the field for years and years haven’t been that influential. I am so sorry your gone and am sending prayers to your family and friends. Rest in peace Lindsey…

  39. Aida Rodriguez

    Dear Shell:
    It has been such a long time since I last saw and spoke with you. I was shocked to learned that your daughter passed. GOD gave Lindsey to you for 26 years but for some reason he needed her back. Thank GOD for the years that you had her. Please know that so many of us are praying for you. Take care and may GOD bless you.

  40. Justin Penna


    I had the privilege of having you as my classmate and friend at Stockton in both undergrad and Grad school. You were an inspiration to me in terms of what being a Speech Therapist should mean. You always needed to know more and were never satisfied but not for yourself but for those you served. Your spiritual presence was felt with every step on Sunday, but your physical presence was sorely missed. There will never be another like you and I was truly blessed to count you as my friend. Rest Easy.

  41. Julie DeMarco

    Miss Lindsey,

    You were a wonderful teacher. You really helped my son and he will never forget the fun tricks you used while teaching. He loved the peanut butter trick! You will be missed at Rieck Ave. School.



  43. Melanie Baig

    Lindsey and I have been friends for over 6 years. We attended Stockton for our undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology. She was the president of the speech club, and I was the secretary. This is when we became close. We both took a year off after we graduated, and applied to graduate schools around the same time. I’m not sure if many of you know this, but the field we chose is extremely competitive, and almost impossible to get into graduate programs. It’s an accomplishment in itself to be accepted into a program. We both were accepted into Stockton’s first graduate program in Communication Disorders. We agreed to support eachother through this program. We had the same classes with the same 30 people for the past 2 and 1/2 years. We all became a family, getting on eachother’s nerves, helping eachother, venting to eachother..being the first program wasn’t easy. On top of the program being intense, we had to write a thesis, and pass the praxis. I always joked with Linds– I would study for weeks before an exam, she would study the night before, and would always get 5 points higher than me. Looking back, I’m so happy I always complimented her, whether it was the earrings she wore, her amazing creativity, or the fact that she never ever settled for anything less than she deserved. We all worked hard, she deserved it the most. Her ability to ask questions around 8:49 (when our class would be over at 8:50 and everyone would have the commute home, work the next day, and then class the next night) regarding her students only taught us there is no rush in life. Ask questions, learn. Do what’s best for the students. Linds– I miss her. I think about her maybe 58 minutes out of every hour. She has taught me to never rush things in life, and to put the students first. (Or whatever type of clients/patients we work with). Love her and miss her dearly. I will strive to be a better therapist because of her.

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