Julia “Judy” Rehill


With 4 boys she didn’t have much of a choice, Judy had to be a strict parent. Not paying attention was quickly met with a wallop from her wooden spoon. But how things change when her grandchildren arrived. Judy was able to combine her love for spoiling them with her favorite hobby, shopping. Judy was the go-to-mom-mom when it came to supplies for arts and crafts. She had a green thumb and loved both her garden and her houseplants; her battle against weeds at her home was never-ending. Judy cooked great Italian especially her lasagne, ravioli, gnocchi, cakes and cookies. Though much of her life was dedicated to her boys, she did enjoy a career at Zurbrugg Hospital and later at Rancocas Valley Hospital in Willingboro.

She married Henry Rehill on April 23, 1983. Together they enjoyed traveling, boating and going down the shore until his passing in August, 2009. She was blessed with 4 sons, the late Laurence J III (Diane) Convery, John (Maria) Convery, David (Suzanne) Convery and Richard Convery; grandchildren, Jessica, Ricky, Amanda, Elyse, Emily and Anna; great grandchildren, Michael and Tristan and Siblings, Rosalie (Ivan) Ivins and Peter (Judy) Marcelli and the late Robert (Lois) Marcelli.

Come celebrate 76 family centered years Saturday from 10 a.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside where there will be a service at 11 a.m. Interment Lakeview Cemetery.

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  1. Ron Stillings Abriola

    The childhood Judy gave me with you 4 and many more of this family but only a fraction I received, I am truly grateful like no words can describe. The chasing up and down the stairs playing dodge ball or tag. The bickering. The treats. The memories. As I age I used to make fun of people going back and remembering the child hood. Now I understand why it needs to be celebrated and reviewed over and over again like no ones business. . Man can you imagine the ruckus Judy and John are creating. I can.

    My Memory Library
    by Sarah Blackstone

    Imagine if I was given one moment,
    just a single slice of my past.
    I could hold it close forever,
    and that moment would always last.

    I’d put the moment in a safe,
    within my hearts abode.
    I could open it when I wanted,
    and only I would know the code.

    I could choose a time of laughing,
    a time of happiness and fun.
    I could choose a time that tried me,
    through everything I’ve done.

    I sat and thought about what moment,
    would always make me smile.
    One that would always push me,
    to walk that extra mile.

    If I’m feeling sad and low,
    if I’m struggling with what to do.
    I can go and open my little safe,
    and watch my moment through.

    There are moments I can think of,
    that would lift my spirits everytime.
    The moments when you picked me up,
    when the road was hard to climb.

    For me to only pick one moment,
    to cherish, save and keep,
    Is proving really difficult,
    as I’ve gathered up a heap!

    I’ve dug deep inside my heart,
    found the safe and looked inside,
    there was room for lots of moments,
    in fact hundreds if I tried.

    I’m building my own little library,
    embedded in my heart,
    for the few moments spent with you,
    before you had to part.

    I can open it up whenever I like,
    pick a moment and watch it through,
    My little library acts as a promise,
    I’ll never ever forget you

  2. lindsey stypinski

    My name is lindsey im amanda hortons cousin. Judy was a wonderful women. I remember when i was a youmg child every Halloween we would go to her house and almost every weekend she alwaus treated me like a grandchild i will miss her very much she was a strong willed person and always loving may she rest in peace and rest easy
    With much love and sorrow
    Lindsey stypinski
    And thank u grandma judy for all u have done for me

  3. Terry Marren

    Who knew many, many years ago when you were taking my picture the night of the prom and 3 younger boys were making faces at us, that our lives would become intertwined as they did. You will be sadly missed and are loved by so many people, but there is also comfort knowing that you are with God and at peace. Please say hi to everyone we know up there and watch over them. Hugs and kisses and may God bless you and your family. XOXOXOXOXOX

  4. lori horton

    Hi, I am ricky and amanda’s aunt. So sorry for your loss. I remember when Iwas young hanging out with rick. And she was nice to us all. She will be missed. My prayers and thoughts are with her family <3

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