John “Jay” Jenkins


John Jenkins

Jay may have been stubborn, but he just liked things his way. You could appreciate his sense of humor, provided you weren’t easily offended. He loved his yard which was cared for by his “private gardener” though he didn’t trust anyone but himself to keep his pool water crystal clear. In his eyes his cars were always the best, though most considered his ’65 Impala the coolest. You’d be lucky to be parked next to it in the lot at a concert; his speakers would blare Back in Black to get the party going. Jay could have wallpapered his house with losing lottery tickets, but you can’t win if you don’t play. For a guy who historically loved slots it was his little way of getting the gamble out of his system. Fitting that his final trip was to Las Vegas, his first time on an airplane. Jay kept the winning going in local radio station contests. Some said he talked like a truck driver, but maybe that’s because he was. He thought nothing of missing birthdays or holidays to finish his routes and he won numerous safety awards. Everything he did was for his family.

Jay had known Donna Jester since he was 8, though he probably couldn’t have predicted that he’d marry her since she beat him up all the time. When they wed in 1991 Jay didn’t feel he was marrying just her, he married her whole family. They were blessed with two children, John and Kristina (John). He is survived his brother, Steven (Debbie) Yodzis; sister, Cyndi (Nancy) Yodzis and their son, Austin; sister-in-law, Priscilla (Joe) Cormney, brother-in-law, Don Jester; his adopted mother, Elizabeth Lucas; mother and father in law, Donald Sr. and Priscilla Jester; special niece and nephew, Amanda Lynn and D.J. Jester; his best friend, Brian (Linda) Mancini and their son, Tommy; and friends, Tammy and Thomas Hudson and their children Joey, Anthony, David and Megan. He was pre-deceased by his parents, John Jenkins and Bertha Mae Yodzis and his sister, Robin.

Come celebrate 47 great years, Saturday 3-6 p.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside where you’ll share your stories of Jay starting at 6. In lieu of flowers donations to the family will be appreciated.

13 thoughts on “John “Jay” Jenkins

  1. Bill & Lisa Vandegrift & family

    Donna as you know there are no words that can ease the pain,just know that he loved you & your family and will always be watching over you just like our Sabrina .I have a funny memory of Jay that I don’t know if you ever heard.Many years ago Jay was staying in a motel on rt 130 that night Bill Jay and I went to mcdonalds and spent about 30$ on a whole bunch of shit.When we got back to the motel to hang out, Jay asked me if I knew how to cut hair and in my mind I did so I told him yes, lets just say it did not come out to good, I also trimmed his beard and we laughed for hours, hell I even laugh about it now. Jay was a great guy and we will miss him very much just because you don’t see someone all the time does not me you don’t think about them, Bill is taking this pretty hard too him & Jay have been friends for many years. I hope you can find peace we love you!

  2. Lisa (Miller) Kenney

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time, and I can only think of I am so sorry for your loss. I know it isn’t much but I do hope that you and your children find some sort of peace knowing that he is in a better place and will always be with you. He will be with you at the best and worst of times going through it all with you and will help you through it all.
    May you be blessed and find happiness, God Bless


  3. Karen Kenny

    Donna, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that Jay is now free of pain and is resting in peace. He will always be with you and your family in your heart and the memories that you have of him. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love but just remember the love you shared and the beautiful family that you two created

    Karen and family

  4. Brandy graham

    I didnt spend an awful lot of time with Jay, but Ive known him since I was born. Donna and her family have been part of my family forever. I do remember his sense of humor. He was always smiling or laughing about something. He was a great guy. I find it so hard to think of him being gone. It wasnt that long ago that we came up to visit and he was so full of life. Ill miss him.

  5. Gary and Lorraine Hatcher

    Our thoughts and prayers with all of Jay’s Family and Friends. It is such a sad time for a man as young as Jay to pass. But in his foot steps, he has raised 2 beautiful children that he was so proud of. Anything we can do please don’t hesitate to ask. Going to miss Jay driving up in the truck and handling things that other drivers didn’t do. After he first went out on leave, someone was doing his route and dropped things all over the street. John just looked over and shook his head smiling with that grin. He will be watching over all of you.

  6. Rich Linda Marter and boys

    Donna We Are Sorry For Your Loss ! Jay Will Always Be With You Watching Over All Of You Jay Was A Wonderful Man He.Has A Beautiful Family Our Thoughts Are With You All At This Sorrowful Time In Your Lives We Love You Donna John.And Kristina

  7. Amanda Lynn

    You will always and forever be my favorite uncle. God has offically retired and now your the man in charge. I know you will always be with me and with us all. Love you forever.

  8. Oriana

    My thoughts and deepest condolences to you Donna and Christina and John. .A flood of memories are filling my head .One is that how much he cared for you all .And the other was his smile .If you knew Jay he spend more time on brushing his teeth. I swear it was a ten minute routine.while Donna and I were having coffee, he would come downstairs with his gleaming pearly whites.God bless all his family and loving friends..

  9. nina

    You will be missed and loved by ur sister Tracey and me uncle Jay even tho we lost touch throw the years but you are still my uncle and I love u dearley no matter what.

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