James Frank


Jim was known by two features: his facial hair, mustache and beard and his answer to the question, How are you ? The answer was always “If I was any better I couldn’t stand it”.
He was an operator at Mobil Oil in Paulsboro but joked it should be Frank Oil Co. His Dad, Uncles, brothers and cousins were all employed there.
Family vacations were centered on Civil War battle sites. Jim studied the War and passed on his knowledge to his children. His large Victorian home on Main St in Woodstown housed his collection of Civil War books and hundreds of 78 records. His record collection was eclectic, some country and western, modern but mostly classical music. Pictures of Jim always showed him posed in a chair, mostly in his recliner, with the TV remote, papers, eating and feeding the dogs by hand.
He and his late wife, Edith were active members of the Church of the Nazarene and SAM , a senior citizen group. They enjoyed many trips with SAM.
Jim and Edith celebrated 60 years together before she died in 2009. Their survivors include sons: James(Laurie), Fredric(Ellen), Charles(Debbie), Jeremy(Jill) and daughter, Susan (Charles) Forsythe, 2 brothers: Larry and Warren,
11 grand children, and 4 great grandchildren. Jim was pre deceased by a grandson, Philip Frank.
Come celebrate 90 inquisitive years Sunday from 6 to 8pm at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro and Monday from 10am with a service at 11am . Burial Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro.
Tell a great story of Jim at lifecelebrationstudio.com

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  1. Tim Fank

    I would often quiz Uncle Jim on the Frank family history. Uncle Jim would always give me background information on the Frank’s and the Lords. Uncle Jim was gentile and Kind. Aunt Edith kept trying to force food into me, even though I was already fat. I guess she thought I was starving, but I could hibernate for 6 months. I loved them both, and I miss them both! I am not ready to be the oldest members of the Frank Family. Tim

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