Jacqeline Maratea

(Jul 1, 1988 to Dec 1, 2012)

Jacque was a free spirit who enjoyed living life to the fullest and was always in search of new ways to experience it. She was the loving mother of little Colin, who was her pride and joy as well as her handful. Jacque was a forgiving soul who would often overlook the faults and short comings of others around her. Jacque was always up for a good time especially if it involved going to the mall or anywhere else to go shopping. Jacque was devoted to her grandmother and she will always hold a special place in her heart.rnJacque is survived by her son, and the light of her life, Colin Flack as well as her mother, Teresa Maratea, her father, David Angelo, her grandfather, John Maratea (Lisa) and her great-grandmother, Mary Maratea. She is the niece of Mary Maratea-Stoever (Joseph), the cousin of Zachary Maratea and Joseph Stoever and the granddaughter of the late Nuanla-Or Thresher.rnCome celebrate Jacque’s 24 wonderful years (July 1, 1988-December 1, 2012) Friday from 9 AM at the Sweeney Funeral Home 337 Bridgeboro St. Riverside, NJ 08075, where the service will follow at 11. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made to help her son, Colin Flack c/o Teresa Maratea via the funeral home’s address.rn

10 thoughts on “Jacqeline Maratea

  1. Mimi Maratea-Stoever

    A letter to Heaven: Dear Jacque: There are no words that we can express how much we are going to miss you.rnWe loved you like a daughter for the past 24 years. We will have the good memories with us in our hearts forever. All the vacations-holidays and everyday events. You now have your angel wings, so fly and be free.I hope you know how much we love you and you will forever be in our hearts. Love Ya’ Aunt Mimi, Uncle Joe, Zachary and Joseph Nicholas xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Mary Maratea-Stoever

    To My Sister-Terri: I cannot express how sorry I am.rnMy heart is broken for you. I have always taken care of you-fixed things for you and made it all better. I am so mad that this is one thing I cannot fix or make better. All I can do is be there for you. I will hold your hand or wipe your tears or stay up all night with you if you need me too. Me and My family will always be here for you. I love you and I am so so sorry,rnLove, Mimi

  3. Colin Flack

    A note to heaven: For My Mommy: Mommy I will miss you so so much and I love you so so much. I will remember my first two years as one of my most special years because I had you to share them with. Thank you for all the snuggles for when it was time to go to sleep. Thank you for all the trips to the park and chuck-e-cheese.Thank you for all the giggles and laughs.Thank you for all the kisses and for the hugs. I love you more than all the stars in heaven. love forever and forever, your baby boy Colin. xo xo xo xo xo

  4. Jenn Morison

    I remember her at the skating rink so young and cute I will always remember her and love her it’s a shame she was taking way to soon Jacque live through your son he will always remember you I LOVE YOU REST IN PEACE ANGEL !!!!!

  5. ashley

    i wish i could be there tomorrow. ive known jackie since she was about 12 and lost touch these last few years. we had some good times at the skating rink and going to the ymca and just hanging out at your house. i remember your mom’s purple car. i wish we kept in touch. look over your son because he needs you. flap your wings high baby girl!

  6. Shanah O'Donnell

    First, I love you and I miss you terribly. I was not around much the last couple years due to me living in pa. But that’s still no excuse. This was not how i was supposed to see you again. I can’t believe your gone, it does not seem real. I still remember when we talked about you being one of my brides maids and you kass and sheryl fighting over maid of honor, lol!! I remember high school and all the times after. All the clothes swaps and you always wanting my mom to make you some shepards pie! God only knows you LOVED shepards pie!! All the times at my house and the crazy pics and the CRAZY rides & things I ended up being involved in lol! You will always be my firecracker. there are soo many stories and so many moments in just how friendship. So you MUST know your truly missed and will ALWAYS be LOVED!! YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!! I love you & miss you more than words, more than the birds love the sky and more than the moon loves the night! We had our moments. But it NEVER went any further than us agreeing to disagree. I pray you can watch over us always! And if you want to be my ghost it’s okay!! LOVE YOU!!

  7. Susan

    To JacqelinenYou were a great person to work with I am so sorry your life was cut short but u are resting in peace and your son will be well taking care of I will miss u alot and will miss are talks even though we didn’t talk a lot but they were good talks and I know your mom will also miss u but I will make sure she is well taken care of I will try my best to keep my word

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