Jacob Boody

Jacob Boody

He was a man of gargantuan proportions; Jake looked like a Viking who’d come down from Valhalla. Some mistook the serious look on his face as being angry, though nothing could be further from the truth, well, a majority of the time anyway. Much more likely, he was thinking of some way to help you out; he had a heart of gold. And despite his size and stern appearance he was an unabashed mama’s boy and dedicated to his family, a huge teddy bear. He had a lifelong love of music, mostly metal, and could hop on just about any instrument including the infamous guitars and drums. He looked like a true rock star covered in tats, their meanings sundry and random, right along with an endless supply of band and concert shirts.

He loved animals and they knew it; four legged creatures of all sorts gravitated to him, and his pets ranged from a bird and dogs to mice and lizards, there wasn’t a time where he wasn’t talking about a new pet he has his eyes on.

In his spare time, he loved to read books like Star Wars and learn about the stuff that most people would ignore like the vikings and the wide range of spiritual beliefs. He enjoyed more than a few wrestling matches with his father and brother, though they required a few weeks to recover. He met the love of his life, Emily Licciardello, who he hasn’t said a single bad word about, unless of course it was how he doesn’t understand how such a small woman can take up so much room in the bed.

He was a wiz behind a stove, and enjoyed feeding the people he loved. He worked as a cook and in the food service industry most of his life. Recently he segued into trucking driving for Nelly Logistics which he seemed to love aside from the real early mornings.

He is survived by his parents, Joe and Elise Boody; his brother, Jayson; his grandparents, Frank and Dale Barr, Joe Boody Sr, and Mary Schmidt; and his girlfriend, Emily Licciardello.

Come celebrate 29 great years Monday, March 28, 10 a.m. to noon at Daley Life Celebration Studio, 1518 Kings Highway, Swedesboro where there will be a noon service.


  1. Karen Dupper-Boyles says:

    Joe & Elise – We are so sorry for your loss. Sending love & prayers to all of you.

  2. The Sutton family says:

    Our deepest condolences

  3. Kim and Gary R says:

    Joe, Elise and Jayson, so sorry to hear this sad news. Prayers with you.

    • Jenn and Tyler Dybus says:

      Joe,Elise,Jayson and family so sorry for your loss our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. 🙏

  4. BILL BAREFOOT says:


  5. Karen and Bill Pauciello says:

    Our deepest condolences to Jake’s family..our prayers are with you all.

  6. Bernadette Waddell says:

    I offer my condolences to the Boody family on the transtioning of your son Jake..Jake was always a sweet and respectful and stayed the same as he grew into a young man . My daughter Ciera and Jake attended school together and she always referred to Jake as a Teddy Bear Your home always was open to my sons Mark and Keon and I honor you for raising a great young man like Jake , l pray comfort and strength for you Elise, Joe and Jayson.

  7. Samantha & Mike Williams says:

    Words could never describe how heartbroken we are and for the family. Jake was a loving, kindhearted man and loved by us and so many. Sending our deepest condolences to Elise, Joe, Jayson, family and friends. Sending prayers for comfort and strength in the days ahead. You’re in our thoughts and prayers indefinitely <3

  8. Laura Fiorentino says:

    Devastating, heartbreaking news— my only comfort at the news of Jake’s passing is that I had the privilege to serve as a teacher to him for window of time and the opportunity to get to know just him just long enough to learn what a wonderful guy he was.

    My deepest condolences to Jayson, Emily, the entire Boody family.

  9. The Masons says:

    You will be missed so dearly by so many. Keep a watch over your mom, dad, Jayson and all those who loved you tremendously. RIP, seeet Jake.

  10. The Shakespeare Family says:

    We are so very sorry for the loss of an amazing and loving young man. Our deepest condolences to the entire family

  11. Melanie Carcione says:

    Joe and Elyse, I am so incredibly saddened to hear of Jacobs passing. I can’t imagine the pain you are feeling right now. Know that you and your family are in my prayers.
    I thought of you both when I read this poem. I hope it helps if only just a little bit.

    Those we love
    don’t go away,
    they walk beside us
    every day.
    Unseen, unheard,
    but always near,
    so loved, so missed,
    so very dear

  12. Kendall Alcott says:

    To Joe, Elise, Jayson, Emily & family-
    I am deeply saddened by the loss of Jake. What a wonderful addition he was to our lives! All of my friends and I went to school with jake straight from kindergarten through graduating high school. My first distinct memory is around 5th grade when we would play marbles together in class…only time I’ve ever played marbles in my life… During our game we got caught up talking about Ozzy Osbourne and I guess that’s when we realized we definitely had something in common. After that, Jake was always around! Not only did we share the same group of lifelong friends, but one of his closest friends moved a few houses down from me and I saw Jake over there almost every day. We all had nothing better to do, but we did have each other. We didn’t know this at the time, but we can all agree now, that those were the happiest days of our lives. We were all so comfortable with each other and free to act as silly or as serious as we wanted. The bond we all had was very unique. Jake’s laugh was genuine and infectious. I loved making him laugh even if it was at my expense haha. He was funny and I loved that we could crack up at the same movies & shows. We also could definitely jam to some great music…slipknot, pantera, slayer, alice In chains. I was so happy to share that interest with him. After highschool we remained friends and made even more great memories. Now having not seen him in a couple of years, I just really wish I could have given him one last big hug! Jake was so special to all of us and I hope he knew and believed that. That big smile and laugh is how I will always choose to remember him. Again, to his loved ones, I’m so sorry for your loss. I just wanted to share that and say that Jake will forever be held fondly in so many of my memories. You never forget the friends you grew up with and he will surely not be forgotten! Rest In Peace jake!

  13. Katie Halpin says:

    Boody family, I am so sorry for your loss. I will always remember Jake with fondness and a smile on my face. He was always making us laugh in the kitchen at Taco Lindo, sometimes so much that we’d be crying. He would use the lid of the chips container and make it talk like Cookie Monster, because he knew it would get me to laugh. All of the old staff there really care about him and will miss him.

  14. Brie, Dexter and Tatiyana says:

    I cannot even put into words how your family must feel. I love you guys and we are all praying for strength for Jayson, Elise and family. May God wrap his loving arms around you

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