Isabella Dougherty


Born on New Years Day and city of Phila gave big parade every year in her honor. Well, maybe it wasn’t the city that celebrated her birthday but her family certainly did. Most grandmothers languish for company. Not Isabella. Her personality was so bright and cheerful the grandkids visited weekly. She was MomMom, BellBell and IsBaby to them.

She was a good listener, paying attention until family worked through their problems. She didn’t necessarily give advise, just waited until they talked it out. As a young mother Isabella held several jobs- one at a false teeth factory polishing the teeth. If they broke she brought the pearlies home for the kids to play jacks. Another position was with a rug mill and a laundromat. But her lasting job from which she retired was at Frankford Arsenal as a solderer.
Most of her life she resided in Phila. But Isabella found a new home and acquired another family at Greenfield Senior Living in Glassboro. She loved the activities and never said no to a bus trip.
Isabella was a good sport. On Halloween her daughters dressed her in costumes: motorcycle momma, flapper, and a head chef.
She was a model of how to live life well, never speaking bad about anyone.
She and her late husband, Oliver met in the neighborhood. They married and settled on Monmouth St. where they met. They were blessed with two daughters, Gail Clement and Jill Presley. Later came her fan club, a.k.a. her 3 grandchildren then 3 great grandchildren and lastly a great great granddaughter.
Come celebrate 98 loving years Saturday, February 25 from 9a.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, where storytime will begin at 10a.m. Burial Green Mount Cemetery, Phila.

13 thoughts on “Isabella Dougherty

  1. Nancy Palmerio

    The most wonderful woman I have ever met. She always treated me like a third daughter. So loving and caring of others. Never ever thought about herself.
    Now she is helping people in heaven because her job is done here on earth.
    I’ll miss you Beautiful Isabella. May God bless you.

  2. Dawn Marie

    Mom-mom…how do I thank you for giving me unconditional love? For sharing your spirit with me so it became part of the woman I am today? For giving me strength during difficult times and laughter beyond what anyone should have…? You are amazing and I pray you know how very much I love you.
    You will always be with me “tooots”.

  3. Brian Dougherty

    Hundreds of fond memories of aunt Isabel at many family gatherings man could she put out out some great food!
    She had an infectious laugh and always smiled and was extremely thoughtful She had a heart the size of Texas ! Rest in peace (aunt Izz) We Love you The good Lord has a new Trooper at his side RIP
    Love always Brian&Alice

  4. Dee Wachowski

    I knew Isabella not by her name but as “Gail’s Mom.” Gail always kept me up to date with the latest holiday and family pictures. I could tell Isabella was a fun person and enjoyed life.
    My prayers and thoughts to you and your family and friends at this time.
    Much love, Dee xoxo

  5. Linda and Jack Patterson

    I/we’ve never met such a special woman! She lived her life with grace, dignity,kindness, generosity and a heart full of of Love for all of her Family and Friends . She could also make you laugh a lot! We all loved celebrating her New Years Day on her Birthday! Mom Mom was surrounded by so much Love and Repect ! We are so happy she lived a full healthy life! All our Love Now and Always! Love, Linda and Jack xoxoxo

  6. Carol Dougherty

    I have so many wonderful memories of our families visiting each other. Picnics at our house, parties on Monmouth! Aunt Isabel was always so good, kind and loving to us. She always made us feel at home and always fed us the best deli-fresh sandwiches which I’ll never forget! Just to see her larger-than-life warm smile would put a smile on anyone’s face. Love you Aunt “IZ”. Thank you for blessing my life. Rest in Peace.

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