Grace Aretz

(Sep 9, 1934 to Oct 2, 2012)

Although when one aims for perfection they often find it a moving target, it never stopped Grace. Her thoroughness and attention to detail were unmatched. When crocheting she’d think nothing of undoing an entire afghan to fix the most minor of problems, when in her kitchen she took on all cooking responsibilities to ensure everything was prepared just right and when dinner was served she had a list of everyone’s favorite food, even if that meant having ten different vegetables on the table. If her sense of exactness was a byproduct of her Dutch strong-will, her ability to see it through came from her refusal to sit and stare at the walls. She had an endless supply of motivation. When Grace had a maid come, she cleaned the house first, she did her hair before going to the hairdresser, she crocheted until she could no longer and then took up Sudoku and when she took a liking to trivia facts on Snapple bottle caps she set out to collect every one, and make a list of them.rnAt the age of 15 Grace was introduced to a young man named Duane, first at a wedding reception and then at a Sunday School picnic. Three years later they’d begin their 59 year marriage. Together, they were blessed by their sons: Duane, II (Debbie) of Levittown, PA, Dean (Diane) of Colorado and Dale (Crystal) of Edgewater Park and again by their 18 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.rnCome celebrate Grace’s 78 perfectionist years (Sept. 9, 1934-Oct. 2, 2012) Friday from 7-9 PM and Saturday from 10 AM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside where the service will be at 11 AM Saturday. Family and friends are again invited to join the family Monday from 9-9:45 AM at the funeral home, before the burial in Beverly National Cemetery, Beverly. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made to Urban Promise Ministries PO Box 1479 Camden, NJ 08105.rn

8 thoughts on “Grace Aretz

  1. Linda Leeds Rust

    I am remembering Aunt Grace’s generous spirit, her attention to detail, her great love for her family, and her love for the LORD.rnTo know that she is now with the LORD gives comfort and peace as we mourn her loss to us here.rnThinking of you Uncle Duane and all your family…rnLovingly, Linda

  2. Norman Henry

    Duane: You and the family are in our prayers,we will miss Gracie,loved being around her and talking to her. But we will see her again in Heaven no more pain.

  3. Nancy J. Leeds

    Aunt Grace was a generous giver,created beautiful handiwork,enjoyed making puzzles, & always made sure we had food @ parties. Most of all, she loved the LORD, her husband,family, extended family, & friends. She would often tell me she prayed for me everyday. She took an interest in my life & work as a nurse,& now as a hospice chaplain, & have considered her encouragement & prayers as part of the work I do.I am eternally grateful. Lovingly your Niece, Chaplain Nancy Leeds

  4. John Berrevoets

    Sincerest condolences with the passing to glory of my cousin Grace (Berrevoets) Aretz. Duane,it is still in my memory, when I was introduced to you by Grace, and I am so glad that you were able to be together for so many years. May our Lord just comfort your sorrowing hearts, knowing we will meet again in His presence. Much love in our great Lord,nCousin John

  5. Cheryl Higley Bryan

    I thought of her often, she made me have wonderful memories I will always keel in my heart. WHATa cook! Chistmas at her house sas epic. I still use her dutch phrases when she got upset with us kids. I will so miss her. I did’nt see her for years but she was a huge part of my family. I like to think of her with my mom, up tbere having a great time, they had some good times. I took care of my mom, Vivian til her death in 1998. They will both be missed.

  6. Steven Aretz

    Uncle Duane: I am so sorry to hear about Aunt Grace. Nobody told me she had passed until a few days ago. I know things had been difficult for her for a while. She is at peace now in heaven with our Lord and Saviour and we can be glad about that. She had been in our prayers and now you are as well. May the Lord give you comfort. Please send our very belated condolences to the rest of the family.


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