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His friends will miss his book critiques on Facebook. Gary was a voracious reader and shared what he gleaned with everyone. Since becoming ill, his Kindle was his constant companion. As a young man Gary obtained a Masters Degree in Theology and put it to good use as a Chaplain in the Army where he attained the rank of Major . After leaving the military, Gary became a self taught computer systems guru and became the I.T. director at Unique Industries.
In February 1991 he met Sandy Lewis but it wasn’t until Labor Day 2013 that they became Mr. and Mrs. It was a momentous day for both of them. He is survived by children: Melanie, Adam, and Marc Lewis, Anthony, Gary Jr., Paige Sackett, Laurie Gallant, and Gilbert Sackett.
Come celebrate 69 great years Monday from 5 to 7p.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where Storytime will be at 7p.m. Calling also on Tuesday from 9 to 10 a.m. Burial Mt. Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, Pa. at 11a.m.
Donations, in lieu of flowers, can be made to Samaritan Hospice, 5 Eves Drive, Suite 300, Marlton NJ 08053 or Penn Lung Center at HUP.
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5 thoughts on “Gary W. Sackett

  1. Jeffrey Sackett

    My brother was a hero to me in may ways, ever since childhood. Five years my senior, he walked me to school, helped me adjust to summer camp, took me from Queens into Manhattan to all the museums we used to love, helped me with my homework … all the things a big brother does for his little brother. We grew apart when he went off to college and began to pursue a life-path which diverged greatly from my own, but we always remained in touch. We grew close again after he left the army. In recent years we saw each other face to face only infrequently, primarly because of the distance between our places of residence. (170 miles might not seem very far, but when the trip includes the Long Island Expressway and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, it becomes a daunting impeident to visits.) We spoke on the phone a few times each month, exchanging political observations, literary opintions, and general comentaries on the increasingly bizarre and degenerate world in which we live. (Bizarre to us, anyway.) He (and Sandy) kept me updated on his condition right up to the end. I had intended to visit him last week, but i was succumbing to the flu (which I still have,) and I reasoned that the last thing he needed was my germs. I was thus unable to say goodbye, a fact that saddens me unutterably. He was a great brother, a good man, and i fine intellect. I shall miss him terribly..

  2. Jeff Novak

    Gary was the consummate gentleman who never seemed to have a bad word to say about anyone, he either spoke positively about someone or he would simply hide his true thoughts behind a beguiling smile. He had the ability to define in the greatest level of detail the solution to any work problem or obstacle. Often Gary’s responses to a inquiry were somewhat long winded and inclusive of additional detail beyond my understanding, but he always managed to identify a solution to the challenge at hand. Of his future bride Sandy he spoke only words of praise and admiration, always expressing his total devotion and delight at having a partner that brought so much joy into his life. Gary was passionate about his work and no detail passed by him without a full analytical review to justify any actions taken. He was always one of the first to arrive at the office in the early AM hours and would be there on weekends as needed to insure smooth operation of our computer network. He was a team player who always managed to make you feel like you were the most important player on the team. As his health began to deteriorate you became more acutely aware of the additional effort it required for him to pursue his passion for working with us at Unique. He continued working far longer than many would have expected, taking into account his need to tote medical support equipment with him. I feel blessed to have known and worked with Gary throughout his career at Unique and will continue to fondly remember his anecdotes on politics and current events. Finally, he is undoubtedly a HERO based solely upon his 17 military career – Rest In Peace Major Sackett. “Speak the truth always” & “Air Assault Sir”

  3. Laurie

    Gary became my Dad on February 7, when he and my mother adopted me. I am thankful for my family ties, my dear Grams ,whom I miss daily, and my wonderful, creative Uncle Jeff and his family. I loved my Dad, through the ups and downs of life. I hope that he was able to find true peace in the end. I am thankful for my Christian upbringing that he instilled when I was a child, even though I no longer sit on the front pew as we always did when he pastored,-I now prefer the back pew or the balcony! I can still smell your cherry tobacco that you smoked in your pipe, hear the music that you played on the reel-reel, and can hear you say, “Silly Goose,” to which I would respond, “honk, honk!”
    Good times.

  4. Sandy

    We met by pure happenstance. We spoke for hours by phone. I loved the sound of your voice, your words, your stories. You were honest, kind, giving, and so very intelligent. How could I not love you? You restored my faith in the opposite gender. You were my most ardent cheerleader. I flourished in your gaze. The days, months and years flew by too quickly. We were truly one and anyone who met us could see the genuine love, respect & admiration we had for each other.

    We were alike in many ways. Good children to our parents, excellent students in school, loyal spouses to our prior spouses, great parents to our children, hard working employees at our jobs and loving to each other. Why couldn’t it last forever? Why didn’t we deserve our reward? To hold hands and walk into our future discovering the world around us. It was not to be.

    My heart bleeds now. But it will mend. Thoughts of you will heal it. You will have that positive effect on me forever. We will always be one. Love never dies.

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