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She was the consummate homemaker, Elsie’s kitchen was her office. It’s where she cooked, making her home smell of chicken soup, pot roasts and cinnamon buns, but, more importantly, it’s where she used her powerful listening skills. She was generous with her time and attention. She “collected” people throughout her life, hardly ever leaving the produce section without having made a new friend. Her dry sense of humor was always nearby. She had a love of words, her dictionary was her friend and she did crossword puzzles in ink. She was feisty till the end; figuring that 6 days of hospice was sufficient she took the 7th off for services at Bethesda Methodist Church. Elsie loved her church family.

She was the wife of the late Jenkin. As Lakes go she jokingly called him Erie, she was Superior. Their union was blessed by daughters, Judith Osborn (James) and the late Gwen Lake, and two grandchildren, Karen and Jimmy Osborn. She is survived by her sister, Elaine Theisen and was pre deceased by sister Mildred Waldron and brother Bud Gindhart.

Come celebrate 91 motherly years Sunday 4-6 p.m. and Monday from 10 a.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where there will be a service at 11:00 a.m.. Interment Eglington Cemetery. Tell a great story about Elsie at lifecelebrationstudio.com.

7 thoughts on “Elsie Lake

  1. Dolly Long

    My memory of Aunt Elsie is ALWAYS positive, happy & loving. Along with Uncle Jenk, they brought the family together each year for fun, food, games and making more good memories. She wrote stories better than the famous Erma Bomback and wrote to me faithfully when I was hospitalized for so long. I’ll miss her smiling face, and sweet voice. I love you, Aunt Elsie, Rest In Peace.

  2. Peg Young

    My aunt Elsie was a kind, sweet, loving person. She opened her heart and home to all the family and did it always smiling. She was a beautiful person and God reunited her with all her loved ones who have passed. As a young girl, she took me on vacation and I spent many weeks with my cousin Gwen in the summers over the years. I love you and will miss you my dear Aunt. You are now at peace with no more suffering.

  3. Elaine "Button" Bevilacqua

    Her gift of gab was unsurpassed by her ability to also listen and demonstrate a sincere interest in whatever anyone had to share with her. She hung onto every word when someone spoke. She had a unique way of making you think about what you were saying and, quite often, to see things in a different light. Like her sisters, Mil and Elaine, her words and acts were always kind and sincere, admirable qualities that, based on my very fond memories, were passed down from their parents.
    I think it safe to say we all have so many great memories of the get-togethers at the Lake’s house in “Jersey”. Generations gathered for those summertime cookouts… Uncle Jenk supervising the dogs and burgers on the grill; Aunt Elsie cooking up the corn on the cob in the kitchen. It brought us all closer together.
    If you have the privilege of knowing just one person like Elsie in your lifetime, you can consider yourself blessed. I know I do. She inspired me in many ways and I will miss her with all my heart. I can only find solace knowing that one day we will all get together again… in a better place. I’ll bring dessert!

  4. Kathy Waldron

    Everyone writing or speaking about Elsie Lake have captured the essence of who she was and of how she lived her life. The words sweet classy lady, quietly intelligent, great listener, having everyone feel that sweet compassion. examining their own decisions, tells how she was able to graciously influence us for better. She had love of family and always put everyone else first. I have never heard her speak negatively about anyone. She was intellectually witty and able to make you laugh (usually putting herself as the joke). I feel blessed to be a part of a family with such loving qualities and have great memories of large cook-outs that brought us all together thanks to Elsie and Jenk and lots of work. I smile and laugh inwardly at the picture of Elsie & Jenk as they ventured to ‘Gilligan’s island’ on their one time boat adventure. Thanks for the happy memories dear aunt and now it is time for you to rest and let us do the cooking! Please give my mom a hug and tell her I love her very much–until later!

  5. Henry W. Behrmann

    I was “introduced” to Elsie while going with Gwen. After completing a business trip to NAS Willow Grove, Gwen invited me to have dinner at her home….and let her Mom, Dad, and Judy and her Family see the “phantom” Henry. Seated at the table, I was astonished at the “feast” Elsie had prepared ! Just an “ordinary” family get-together ?….including the additional / traditional ? “barbs and ribbing” from almost everyone. I was immediately made to feel like part of the family. Jenk and I could “talk” PNSY sea stories; Jim and I about business travel; Judy about various things; and Elsie about evrything….especially her cooking and cross word puzzles. Though Gwen and I took different paths….Gwen, and later Elsie and “kept in touch”. Everything said about Elsie (above) was exactly who Elsie was. God Bless !

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