Edward Folker


Ed was known during his years in high school as the class clown and both for his wits and looks many called him Jay Leno. His early years were spent playing touch football in his front yard on High Hill Road. Sophomore year of high school changed his life forever: Eddie bought a guitar, learned a few notes. The rest is history. He was in several area bands, but he also wrote and composed; his head was full of music looking for a way out. Eddie was always a metal fan but tempered his love of Ozzy and Slayer with his love of the Bible. He quoted from it often. Born and bred in a sea of green, he was one of the few who were vocal Dallas Cowboy fans.
He is survived by a son, Zachary and his brother, Larry and was pre deceased by parents, Lewis and Mary.
Come celebrate 43 metal years Wednesday from 6 to 8pm at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where Storytime will begin at 8pm. Tell a great story of Ed at lifecelebrationstudio.com.

5 thoughts on “Edward Folker

  1. Vicki (DeSimone) LaSala

    Ed was a funny guy and a good person. I remember getting through a very boring 8th grade history class thanks to Eddie’s ability to make me laugh throughout class by throwing these imaginary balls into the air and waiting for them to come down! I also admired his musical talent in the later years at Kingsway. Rest in peace.

  2. James Manes

    Oh how the years have past so quickly. 3 years later and still I don’t believe you are gone. KRHS. We were peas in a pod. Always trying to out do each other with out wit , sarcasm and love you metal. Graduation party that we can’t get in trouble now because both you and Mary are gone. Unforgettable. As adults. Well age wise. We lost touch for a bit and rekindled a great friendship. He and I struggled with daily life only to understand each other, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Picking each other up when needed. I have lots of memories with Ed. He kept saying that by smoking he was hoping the cancer would kick in. He was a troubled soul. However he was the crying clown that we all knew and loved. Chump. I hope you are resting well. I hope you made peace with God. I am glad that we were able to be friends while you were here. I plan to see you again someday. Peace and much love.

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