Donald Zane

Donald Zane

He was a brilliant and passionate musician: Don sang, played guitar, drums and just about any other instrument. He travelled all around the country playing in several bands, most recently Plan B. Of course, he was a born entertainer, regaling everyone with stories from yesteryear. Many of his tales had to do with his hometown of Swedesboro. He knew the history of every house and had a story about every corner. He’d been born at Mahaffey’s on one side of the lake and lived most of his life on Lakeview Ave. on the other side. When he was missing there wasn’t any reason to go looking for him: he’d be out on the lake in his Kayak, relaxing and exploring. If his T.V was on Don would be checking out some Sci Fi movies, watching the Stooges or checking up on Oak Island.  He found his real calling late in life when he became a grandfather.  Only the best Dads get promoted to PopPop.  Earlier years found him working as a boiler mechanic at the casinos.
Don met a pretty lady named Elizabeth at work. They’d spend 23 years together and be married for 18. He is survived by his children, Todd (Angela) Zane, Ed (Jessica) Rodriguez, Wendy (Jason Santiago) Rivera and Dali Rivera; 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
Come celebrate 70 great years Wednesday 9-11 a.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where there will be an 11 a.m. service. Interment Eglington Cemetery.


  1. Robin Jess says:

    I was sorry to hear of Donald’s passing. I have many happy memories of growing up next door to the Zanes. Donald was always the first to check if the ice was safe for skating, clearing an area for ice hockey. Once we had a circus in my backyard (and actually charged people). Donald did a death defying walk across the top of my swing set! We built many forts out of pallets and dug for old bottles and china in my yard. I was one of the fortunate kids allowed to come into his basement when his band was practicing. This was a big deal for a little kid like me and I never forgot it! I’m sorry I cannot attend the service on Wednesday but will be thinking of the old days.


    My cousin, Don, and I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and we lived just a few miles from each other. I especially liked his lake. He and I both had an interest in collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils. My father used to take us both on club field trips to several quarries in the PA and NJ area to collect beautiful specimens. Later, he was well versed in computer operations and I would ask him questions about how to do various things on the computer. He will be missed by all of our cousins: Carolyne Jones, Robert Loveland, Andrea Kalendowicz, Faye Rounds; his sister, Janet Rode, and aunt Thelma Zarin and her children: Ron, Beverly, and Karen.

  3. Janet Rode says:

    I am Don’s sister. Janet Zane Rode. There are many memories of us growing up in our home on Lakeview Dr. Living along the lake we enjoyed swimming & ice skating. Our parents took us many places traveling as children.
    He played drums & loved singing & playing his guitar. I loved following him in his years of playing. He won the Battle of the Bands when he was 18.
    70yrs of memories I LOVE U Don & I will miss you till we meet again. . ❤

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