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Donald was born to be a dad, pop-pop and a loving husband. Our parents had a fairytale romance. We loved our dad so much. Earliest memories include waiting at the corner for him to return home from work. Later we enjoyed swimming, fishing, hiking, boating and going to his favorite place, Disney World. As he recalled his adventures there, his face lit up brighter than the fireworks. He also loved to take his grandchildren to the zoo or any place their tiny hands led him. He never missed any of their events. Family was everything to him. We really are fortunate to have had him as our dad. He was funny, patient, proud and so loving. Thanks dad for giving us great memories and showing us how to do it right. We will always love you.

He is survived by his wife, Betty; children: Donald Jr., Donna (Scott) McGillivray, and Janet (Mark) Hopkins; his brother, Kenneth; sister, Hazel and Thelma (Tony) Incelli; 9 grandchildren and 7 greta-grandchildren.

Come celebrate 82 family centered years Monday from 10 to 11 a.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home, 478 Cooper Street, Beverly where there will be a service at 11 a.m. Interment Lakeview Cemetery.

9 thoughts on “Donald Wampler

  1. Janet (Wampler) Hopkins

    We had the best childhood!!! Dad was great. He was the most loving family man. We looked up to him, he was the center of our world. He was there every step of our lives. He never missed anything. I am so proud to be his daughter. I loved listening to his childhood adventures (chipping ice shavings off the ice truck & having the trucks run over his swim trunks so he could get back into the swim club-he was a genious even back then!)

  2. Janet (Wampler) Hopkins

    The 1st memories I have is sitting on the corner waiting for him to return home from work. As soon as his car turned the corner, we’d jump up & down and wave. He’d have to stop & let us in the rest of the 50′ home!!! We had so much fun going off the beaten path @ the Delaware Water Gap- wow- and sledding down Bowman’s Tower. We had so much fun on that boat. The tire swing, tugboat waves & running out of gas! My Dad loved us so much. He was there everytime you needed him. I loved to go on vacation with him. To the mountains, the Caves, Hershey Park, Virginia, Washington DC, and his all time favorite place- Disney World. He’d go anytime you asked him to go. I loved watching the fireworks with him and going on ‘The Blue Ride’. As long as he was there, it didn’t matter what you did. He always wanted to know “who wants fudge?”. He has a place in Disney World forever. He’s gonna be so missed. I can’t imagine my life without him. I love you so much Dad. I hope I made you proud. This Daddy’s little girl has a hole in her heart.

  3. Kelli Hopkins

    My grandpop was the best and will always be the best I could have ever imagined. I have so many amazing memories with him because he was always present in my life. From taking my brother, cousins and I to the zoo where he had all the plastic keys for us to hear about all the animals at their exhibits. Then on the way home we would stop at Bayard’s Chocolate House, and swing on the swing outside. I will never forget all the Disney World trips with him and Grandmom. He loved watching all the firework shows at every park with Fantasmic being his favorite. Then there are all the camping trips we went on with him. Hershey Park and of course in Disney! There’s also little things I’ll never forget like his owl call that no one else could do! At Easter when we’d take a family photo out back on the blue bench, he would set up the camera tri pod for a timed photo and it would never go off. We’d be sitting there smiling forever, and he’d have to run back to the camera and mess with it. When you’d sit in his chair he’d come behind you and say “slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch” and shake the back. It always made us smile and he loved it. He might have had a lot of Grumpy t shirts and memorabilia, but he was the opposite. Always so loving, caring and smiling around his family. It’s never good bye, but I’ll see you later Grandpop in dreams and memories. I love you and miss you.

  4. Donna (Wampler) McGillivray

    Dad was true family man. He loved family reunions. He would always find time on the weekends to do things as a family even after working all week and working overtime when needed. I have so many good memories. He would take us on a Snipe hunts. He would have us hide behind the pool while he searched, then he would make this sound and watch our little slowly pop. He later tried to teach us how to make that sound but I could never duplicate it. I got his sense of adventure. We would go walks in vacant lots, parks and hike in the Delaware Water Gap. We would sit on the back porch swing and watch approaching storms and only came in the house once. We were like the original storm chasers! We took long walks around the area were are grandparents lived in Florida, searching for everything and nothing. He would put a ladder to the roof so we could sit on it to watch the fireworks. He would not say no to us when we wanted something, although we did not ask for much because we also felt just being together and exploring the world was all we needed! I can remember not liking when he had us pulling stickers out of the ground in August an hour a day before we could go out and play, but we never complained. I will truly miss his stories of his youth! I will miss you and love you forever. My heart is broken! Love your darling daughter Donna

  5. Donald Wampler III

    When I was little, my grandpop was my first best friend. We did everything together. We would go to baseball games, go fishing, he taught me how to play golf, and he taught me how to throw a baseball. I was lucky to have a special relationship with my grandfather and I’ll never forget all of the things we did together. I played baseball, because my grandfather loved the game. I remember how nervous I used to get every time he came to watch one of my games. I tried to hit a home run every at bat. I wanted to make him proud. I will never forget him or the times we had together. Every time I watch a baseball game, I will miss him. The king of our family will always be in my heart. I love you pop-pop.

  6. Karen Downes

    Mrs. Wampler, Donna, Janet, Donald and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I can only imagine the void in your life, but I hope all your wonderful memories fill a bit of that void. So sorry I wasn’t able to come to the service, but I was down in MD when I heard. Take care of yourselves. Another angel in heaven. Love Karen



  8. Janet (Wampler) Hopkins

    It’s been almost a year since you left us. My how the time goes by so fast. Every day our heart still ached for you. It’s not any easier than the day we said goodbye. Life is so very different. I miss my Dad. I really miss my Dad. Mom is such a reck without you, I can see it in her eyes-she lost her light. She’s doing her best to live with us, but her heart is with you. You really made a difference in this world. You were the best-ever. I will always love you and cry when I think about what I’m missing without you.

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