Donald “Dicnard” Johnson, Jr.

(March 5, 1978-October 26, 2013)

As far as Don was concerned, to be sane was to be boring, and he was anything but dull. Anyone who went riding quads with him at Camp SF could attest to his daring nature. A quiet day of crabbing could easily escalate to a game of chicken anytime Don was at the wheel of the boat. He loved football and played it from the days of Pop Warner to when he graduated Delran High School in 1997. A ravenous Saints fan, he rooted for the team long before the “Who Dat Nation” existed. In fact, he started rooting for them simply because they were such underdogs.
As a long time employee of Metal Etching Technology in Lumberton Don showed his tenacity. He started as a shipper but, after teaching himself the CAD program, he was promoted to their computer department. It showed resolve, and a certain degree of irony, that although he was from a family of mechanics and couldn’t change his own oil, he was able to excel at mechanical drafting.
Donald is survived by his wife, Kelly (nee Taylor) of Riverside, and their daughter, Karlee Bea. He is also survived by his mother, Linda Lipinsky (Walter) of Delran, his father Donald, Sr. of Westampton, his aunt and “2nd mother” Susie Johnson of Delran, his cousins (who were more like brothers): Scott Shively, Chris Johnson and Paul Johnson, as well as by many aunts, uncles and cousins.
Come celebrate Donald’s 35 crazy, sometimes wild, but always wonderful years (Mar. 5, 1978 – Oct. 26, 2013) Saturday from 11 AM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, 337 Bridgeboro St., Riverside, NJ 08075, where there will be a service at 1 PM. Please make sure to dress casually; sports jerseys and rock t-shirts are preferred to a suit and tie. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made to his wife, via the funeral home’s address.

27 thoughts on “Donald “Dicnard” Johnson, Jr.

  1. Angela Moon Graves

    Don was a great and awsome friend to me. My most favorite memory was when they had the dollar movie theater in cinnaminson where the new shoprite is. We were there with other friends and seen a guy looked identical to singer prince. Of course don being his funny, goofy self got smart with prince lol. And then he threw popcorn at people in theater…. I will never forget him. His family and friends were soooooooo lucky to know and be a part of a great guys life……. You were an amazing man and childhood friend. RIP Don u are gonna be missed

  2. Connie Nickell

    My condolences to all of Don’s family. I was so saddened to hear the news of his passing. Remembering him fondly from the years we were neighbors and he played with my children.

  3. Jamie and bill Gilbo

    Don you were one of a kind and will be missed! You shared our love of music and to rock out! You left behind a wonderful wife and daughter! Rest in piece until we meet again:) love ya!!

  4. Marianne Stoltz

    KEL and Karlee our hearts are hurting for you both and Dons family..Prayers love and thoughts are heading your way….It will never get easier I am sorry to say….but the wonderful memories and stories you have of Don that everyone will keep sharing with you will comfort you ..some will make you cry, some will make you mad.and some will really make you giggle..but most of all you have a very special piece of Donald that will FOREVER be in your heart and life….and that is his baby girl…..hold on to the memories.. and lean on family and friends….that does help…May God watch over you all and give you the strength to get through this most difficult time..I love you Kell___s..and will continue to pray for you all..We are all here for you if you need anything…you are 1 great mommy oxo

  5. Bob Pirri

    Don and I went all through middle and high school together. We played football together and I can honestly say he was a really great guy. I remember a time where we were riding home from an away football game and Don and a few others decided to try some dip, or chewing tobacco. Well the bus hit a bump and Don promptly swallowed a good portion of the dip and became so sick. You just knew he had to feel awful but everyone couldn’t help but laugh. Don was good like that, he could certainly make you laugh. Even though we haven’t seen each other since we graduated hearing that Don had passed doesn’t make it any less hard to take. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and friends and especially to his wife and daughter. Rest easy Don! The entire Class of 97 will miss you.

  6. Michelle Etsell

    Don was a great guy and always made everyone laugh. I remember he went down the shore with my family and the ocean temperature was way too low so not one person was in the water. Don took his shirt off, sprinted down the beach, and flipped into the ocean. Floated around for a bit then came out and said the water wasn’t bad. Rest easy.

  7. Dan Heston

    Linda, E and family I can’t express how sorry I am, Linda I know I wasn’t your favorite at times but Don was the closest friend I’ve ever had my best friend.I promise to be a better man.I’m so grateful to have had Don in my life for so long, he meant the world to me, every good memory I have he’s been a part of weather it was talking my big butt into goingdown a black diamond then laughing as I crashed through a fence or just relaxing and talking around a camp fire. Don was a great father he couldn’t wait to teach karlee something or take her on an outing. Last of all Don was the most giving person I knew, never a taker.Don loved Danny jr.
    Very much and was a major influence in his school athletics always giving him the confidence he needed before a game or match.last but not least he treated my niece like she was his, he had a way with children all dannys friends always gravitated towards Don.I miss my best friend so bad already ,with your permission linda and Kelly I would be honored to be a perminent part of Karlees life she couldn’t wait to tell big Dan what her and her daddy did each day.

  8. Dan Heston

    One more thing this is going to be the hardest thing that his family is going through financially and mentally, as Dons best friend I beg of anyone whoesvever been a part of dons life to please give anything to help with funeral cost this is such shock no one is ever prepared for something like this and any thing even dollar will help with the cost and help a widow and mother that are trying to keep it together.I certainly know that most people are struggling them selves but we can band together and help ease some of the suffering. I will do my part but its gonna take more than a couple of us so please anything you can please swing by sweenys and just tell them its for widow kelly johnson and daughter Karlee. I can promise you this Don would’ve done the same for anyone of his friends

  9. Donald W Johnson Sr

    My son Don was a wonderful son and I loved him with all my heart and soul, I will miss him dearly for even though we didn’t see eye to eye sometimes he was always in my heart. I thank you for all the good times and memories we had, Like the time I took you to Indiana when you were little and coming home on the Indiana/Ohio Pk you decided when we pulled in for the night and we hit the bunk to sleep you’d go play the machines in the Dinner at the truck stop, and 1 am someone banging on my truck door, here was a trucker and his wife with you had snuck out and went to play, did i get reamed when we got home. I will always have you in my heart, and will miss you my son In God,s Love Dad

  10. David Johnson

    First let me say how deeply sorry I am to Linda & Donald for your loss,i cant even begin to know the sorrow you are both feeling,my heart goes out to you both.Don was one of my favorite nephews,i always enjoyed seeing him when we could.He always left me with a smile on my face,and I will never forget the times we had together.I hope you are at peace nephew,LOVE YOU FOREVER…

  11. Kelly Johnson

    I am still in complete shock and do not or cannot wrap my head around this. Don,we have shared so many years together, along with taking life strides and sharing the most beautiful memories like our wedding 9-4-04 and the day Karlee was born 1-2-07. The last couple of years were rough on us but in the end almost everyday we talked, we laughed, I yelled at you for something, you begged me for a Newport. Right now I would give anything to yell at you about cigarettes or needing me to get you a boost. I wait for you to call everyday and ask for Kar and as soon as she would get on the phone I would hear you say “hey buddy.” We just had a heart to heart about two weeks ago and your words were so kind and we both told each other I guess now what would be our final I love you’s in our life. You told me I have always held you down and no matter what you did I always had your back, and stressed to me that you always had mine. Our last day we spent together couldn’t have been any better at Kar’s softball game just the three of us and then doing the family picnic with her after. Don Johnson you are my heart, the man I chose to be my husband and a wonderful father. I fell in love with my “ghetto Delran boy” at a young age and we grew together. When people use to ask why I loved you I said cause he makes me laugh. Right now I’m not laughing to much but one day soon I will again. I have tried to arrange everything to how I would think you wanted it so I hope once last time I make you happy. Please watch over us and most of all our beautiful baby girl. You know between her grandfathers, her uncles, and all “the boys” who also are her uncles they will take care of her and guide her just as you would for them. I love you Don Johnson!! Love, your baybay, your wife, your best friend & and of course your BM’s!!!!

  12. Darryl Fleming

    Not much you can say that hasnt been said by someone here already; but, Don you were truly an awesome guy. I can never forget the game we had against Northern Burlington and you separated your shoulder to put you out for the season. You came over and Mr Bill gave you the works to try to put you back together but never once did you have a look of pain on your face. I just remember your goofy smile the whole time. I was more concerned about your pain than you were. I remember asking you who did this to you and you told me it was #26. I got into the game and speared him in the stomach for you. When i came back to the sideline, all you could say was “THAT WAS AWESOME D!” I consider everyone that i ever played with as one of my brothers in life and death. Don you will always be my friend and brother. RIP.

  13. Kenny Ott

    I haven’t seen Don in years, but he had a tremendously positive impact on my life. He was comedy. He knew how to make people laugh, and he had such a unique laugh himself. Don chased me with road kill squirrels, and we fought with hockey gloves, and we cut school just to sit around and play Super Nintendo. Rock On Don!

  14. Sherry Baker

    My deepest sympathies to Aunt Linda, Unlce Don, Kelly and Karlee for you loss. May God give you all the comfort and strength you need to help you through this difficult time.

    You were truly loved by so many family and friends, that the heartache felt by all is unmeasurable! Your zest for life and ” free spirit” will be missed greatly.
    You left this world too early, but your legacy will live on through the memories you left behind, and most importantly through your beautiful little girl Karlee.
    I will not say “goodbye” … So until we meet again, I Love you & Miss you!
    Rest In Peace

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