Carl H. “Hoag” Perkins

(August 2, 1946-September 6, 2013)

If Carl was known for anything, it was for putting others before himself. His 49 years as a volunteer fireman stand as a testament to that. During that time he thought nothing of risking life and limb to serve the communities of Riverton, Palmyra, Riverside and Delanco. Likewise, he was a dog lover and would do just about anything for his pooch. He swore he’d never own a pit bull, until his daughter brought one home. From there on the two of them were inseparable; no day was complete without a stroll through Swap Poodle with Lucci or working on his garden. More recently his granddaughter asked him to watch her new beagle until her home was ready for the pup…she never did get that dog back. But, not even his beloved canines came close to how he cared for his family. Whether it was working extra double shifts to help provide for them, going without so they could have the better things in life or even standing in line for hours to get a particular Cabbage Patch Doll there was never anything that he would not do for them.
While enjoying an evening out at The Castle in Riverside, Carl was introduced to a woman named Marlene (nee Berryann). His blue eyes won her over immediately, and, over time, she was able to get him to root for the Eagles instead of the Redskins. Together, they’d make their home Riverside and share 29 years of marriage. He is also survived by his children: Tina Norman of Riverside, James Hicks, Jr. (LaDawn) of TX and Jodie Szalma of Pennsauken, grandchildren: Mara, Jordan, Darilyn and Rylee and his brother, Chuck (Kim) of Riverton.
Come celebrate Carl’s 67 wonderful years (Aug. 2, 1946-Sept. 6, 2013) Tuesday from 7-9 PM and from 10 AM on Wednesday at the Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside, where the service will follow at 11 AM Wednesday. Interment Lakeview Memorial Park, Cinnaminson.

5 thoughts on “Carl H. “Hoag” Perkins

  1. mike payne

    Carl was a great man always had a joke or 2 to crack. I will always remember the day that Carl, Jim and myself would go fishing in delran. Also remember the day i tought his daughter Jodie to ride a bike. He will be missed. What a class 1 man. My prayers sent to his family Mrs P, Jim,Tina, and Jodie. Anything you need contact me on my FB kisses to all. Mike Payne

  2. Rhonda Whatley

    I was introduced to Carl through my brother-in-law, Jim Hicks. He was so funny, always with a joke. I can remember him at the Halloween parties, always a laugh. A very caring man, he made me, my husband and children feel like family. Carl leaves the world a better place for having been in it. My prayers go out to Marlene, Tina, Jim, Jodi and their families. – Rhonda Whatley

  3. mara dallas

    My poppop was the greateat man i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He took on the role as a father to me. He would keep up with my none stop trends. From wanting to play pretty pretty princess, to boardgames, amd teaching me how to fish and dig for worms! I hope that one day i can become half as great as a person as he. He was loved and respected by everyone he came across. If carl was in the room, someone would be laughing! ♥ I could go on for days. Rip poppop, i love ya

  4. diane

    I remember Carl being a very patient and kind man. I’ve missed chatting with him while waiting for Mara to get ready. Carl always tried to make you laugh w/ a small joke or silly comment. And whenever all seats were taken, Carl always immediately stood and insisted you take his seat. We shared a love for gardening. When Carl found out how much I love Sunflowers he gave me some Sunflower seeds from his garden to sow my own. I hope you all know how much I’m thinking of you. My love and prayers go out to each and every one of you. You’ll be missed Carl! diane

  5. Jodie

    Carl, my hero, inspiration, and best dad ever..I miss you sooo much. I know you are looking over all of us because that’s what you did here. You put everyone first. If we were happy, you were happy. You are truly missed by everyone. Your beautiful flowers are blooming. Can’t wait until we meet you sooo much DAD!

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