Anthony Stanley Zizmont

(1933 - 2016)

Anthony was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, July 20 1933 and grew up in Bridgeport New Jersey. He could be seen delivering papers there for many years. He was the son of Anthony and Helen Zizmont and graduated from Paulsboro High School in 1951. He went to Rutgers University in New Brunswick and graduated in 1955 with a degree in Physics and continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1958 with a Masters degree in physics. Anthony worked part time at RCA Camden during those three years (1955-1958). He completed four years of ROTC and became 2nd Lt. in the Army Signal Corps and went on six months active duty at Fort Monmouth, NJ as a 1st Lt. and later left the service as a Captain. He began working at the General Electric Space Center in King of Prussia, PA in a Research Group tracking satellites and worked there for about five years until the program closed. Anthony lived in Philadelphia at Park Town Place on the Parkway and later moved to Cherry Hill. He worked at Mobil Oil in Princeton, N] and then went back to Rutgers full time to get a Masters degree in Statistics. Anthony then got a job at Cities Service in Cranbury, N] as a Statistician and Analyst in a Research Group. He was pre-deceased by his brother, Francis and is survived by his siblings, Eddie (Judy) and Helen (Dan) Orbanus with whom he lived and nieces and nephews, Roy, Kelly, Lisa, Eddie, Kim and Barbara and several cousins. Services private at the convenience of the family under the direction of Daley Life celebration Studio.

3 thoughts on “Anthony Stanley Zizmont

  1. Barbara Ann Zizmont

    I was only 4 or 5 last time I saw him , but I remember a lot before we moved . always had fun around his place and he had a black & white dog!! Like I said I was a little girl but he made a big impression on me !! Love ya and miss ya Uncle Snooky ,, your with Uncle Zigy , Grandpa & Grandma Zizmont now __

  2. Lottie Patton Parker

    I met Snooky when I was 7. My Mom married his Uncle George, We moved to NJ and he was super nice to me and made me feel welcome to his parents home. I used to watch him fold his newspapers while I told him my little kid stories. He would laugh and laugh. We left NJ when I was 11 but Snooky never left my heart.

  3. Debbie Armstrong

    April 29, 2016
    Dear Helen and family, I am the nurse who cared for Anthony during his last hours and I wanted to tell you that he was treated with compassion and respect. He did not suffer. There was no pain, and he drifted away very peacefully. He came in with some difficulty breathing, but that was quickly corrected. He held my hands and told me that he had a really good life and he spoke of you, Helen. He said you were always there for him and he was happy. As quickly as he recovered, he became tired, and Dr. Steifel and I did not leave his side. But I held his hand and stroked his face and talked to him, telling him you were on your way and that you love him very much, but don’t wait if it’s time to let go. He looked in my eyes and squeezed my hands. He closed his eyes and drifted off. I wanted to be sure you all knew that he was ready and did not suffer, but passed in a lovely way that was an unspoken, emotional experience for the three of us. In the short amount of time I spent with him, I could tell he was somebody special. Reading his obituary solidified my feelings. He touched my heart that day and I am grateful to have been the one chosen to be there for him. Kindest sympathy to your family.

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