Anastasia Hutnyk

Anastasia Hutnyk

Things were bad in the Ukraine and in 1957 she was sponsored into these United States.  Anastasia loved the freedoms our nation provided; she never looked back.  She arrived with her husband, Mykola, two sons and a daughter.  She learned English watching T.V.  Of course, her favorite shows were wrestling, roller derby, Three Stooges, All in the Family and The Jeffersons.  She loved professional wrestling so much she even went to live matches at the Philadelphia Arena.  She and her late husband worked hard to make ends meet; he worked everywhere from a slaughterhouse to house painting; Anastasia worked cleaning offices in Philadelphia.  She made potato and sour kraut perogies; unfortunately, the recipe died with Anastasia. Retirement found here going to the casinos 4 times a week: she’d spend the 10 dollars the bus company gave her on the slots.

Anastasia is survived by her children: Bob, Peter, Diane Geisler and Stephanie Foley; 5 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Family will celebrate 102 great years at a private graveside service at Lake Park Cemetery.


  1. Michelle Lasota says:

    Dearest Stephanie,
    I am so deeply sorry to learn of the loss of your beautiful Mother. I miss the days when we shared an office together and I got to listen to you check in on her while speaking Ukrainian. I always found listening in the periphery to be something so bittersweet as it would remind me of being surrounded by my grandmother and great grandmother as child while they bickered back and forth as the aroma of fresh perogies and simmering boursh filled the air. I know just how special your mother was because she gave us you, and I have never been unsure of just how special you are. I am thinking of you and your family always, but especially today and for many days to come. I celebrate her legacy with you and I share in your heartache as well. I pray for you all that time and warm memories will help your hearts to heal. With Love and Endless Hugs, Michelle Lasota.

  2. Shy says:

    I love you gmom.. I promise I’ll be right there you was my favorite 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. Diane Geisler says:

    Rest in peace mom,i miss you.

  4. George Dandrea says:

    So sorry Peter May she Rest In Peace.

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