Alicia M. Deppe (nee Ahearn)

(July 18, 1959 – October 13, 2013)

Alicia was always a first-rate version of herself rather than a second-rate version of somebody else. She never conformed to anyone’s standards; she did what she wanted, how she wanted and when she wanted. But this was always balanced by her big heart and a tendency to do anything for anyone. As a mother she made sure her daughters knew they could tell her anything, but they also knew she was always the strict one. Regardless, her intent was focused on their proper upbringing. However, when it came to the grandkids, they could get away with just about anything. For many years Alicia worked at Acme in Burlington. In her down time she loved to crochet, do jigsaw puzzles and read just about anything.
As a young woman Alicia was working at McDonald’s when she noticed a regular named Bill whose focus was more on her than it was his lunch. Before long they started their life together and made Delanco their home. Before his passing in 2011 their lives were blessed by their children: Stephanie Wilkins of Delanco and Lori Maeder (Joe) of Cherry Hill and again by their grandchildren: Keighly, Anna, Marissa and Joey. Alicia is also survived by her parents: Fred and Carol Ahearn of Southampton, her siblings: Patrick M. Ahearn of Cream Ridge and Kathleen Ahearn of Southampton.
Alicia’s 54 wonderful years (July 18, 1959 – Oct. 13, 2013) were celebrated privately.

5 thoughts on “Alicia M. Deppe (nee Ahearn)

  1. Janet Iarossi-Walters

    My prayers of comfort for the entire family. You will be missed dearly by all who knew you. I know you will be watching over your entire family.

  2. Lori

    Dear Mom, thank you for helping shaping the women and mother I am today. You helped me make many of the tough decisions as an adolescent that allowed me to be the person I am today. Your obit couldn’t have said it better “strict but always there to listen”. I will always treasure the wonderful memories you left me with. Your famous New Year’s Eve parties which included a rowdy round of pot banging on the porch once the ball dropped and the over tinselled Christmas tree (there is no such things as too much tinsel!)…You and dad (while always at each other) were soul mates..I always suspected that you wouldn’t stay long without him. Secretly hoping there is an after life where you are once again together…I just wish I had a chance to say goodbye and I love you just one more time.

  3. John Ahearn

    To Stephanie and Lori

    My deepest condolances on the death of your mother, my niece, Alicia.

    I am Fred’s brother, Carol’s brother-in-law, your mom’s uncle, and your great Uncle John. I knew Alicia since she was born and all 53 years of her much too short life. From the start Alicia was beloved by all, especially my parents Fred and Helen Ahearn and her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs John Evers. I recall that my mother helped Carol care for Alicia as an infant, much as she did for her brother, Pat. However, it was the Evers who were the best of grandparents.

    I believe that Alicia was born a free spirit, and one who always showed care, kindness and compassion toward others. Over the years we saw each other for weddings and funerals, and once or twice for Fred and Carol’s famous Christmas dinner. On those occasions your Mom’s inherent humor and goodness always glowed. It was also clear how devoted she was to both of you. We attended the marriage of your Mom and Dad, and I will always remember Bill as a kind and fun loving man, truly devoted to his family. It is hard for me to imagine both are now gone.

    Prior to Mike and Carol’s 50th wedding anniversary, which was the last time I saw your mother, we met at your wedding, Stephanie. Of course the real re-bonding took place outside during the reception as there was a steady stream of folks going out for a smoke of one kind or another. I always enjoyed talking with her at then as she made me feel like we talked only yesterday.

    I am so sorry for your loss,

    Uncle John

  4. Lisa and Rick Cipressi

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Both Rick and I worked at Acme and can remember many fond memories. She had the biggest heart but would never take any crap. We always will remember her and our prayers are with you. Lisa and Rick Cipressi

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