Shirley Monaco

Shirley Monaco

The Monaco house was the center of Swedesboro teenage life for the better part of 25 years. Shirley was the mom of 8 kids but she was also the town’s mom. Her house was never quiet, packed to the roof with kids and friends; if not inside then outside shooting hoops. And friends beware: she’d give you a smack as fast as she would her own kids, but Shirley was much more likely to give you a hug and listen to your problems. Shirley told it like it was and usually would stick out her tongue and toss in a little salty language for effect. Having so many kids helped out that famous day when the stars lined up perfectly for her (though she apparently messed up a couple of their ages). And with her good fortune she thought only of her kids, with the possible exception being building her dream house, a beautiful log cabin home. Shirley loved the holidays: the Railroad Avenue home made the paper a couple of times for her Halloween decorations and the log cabin became Christmas Central, decorated from top to bottom. Most days found her behind her stove; cookies, pies and the best pumpkin bread. And she loved her CB radio; she monitored the police and fire channels and knew all the Swedesboro happenings. When she left the area from time to time it was usually for a road trip: Florida, Poconos, Virginia, Maryland. Earlier years found her working as a bus aid for Walt’s Bus Service.
She is survived by her children: Catherine Moran, Thomas Monaco, Shirley Ann Wissen, Salvatore Monaco Jr., Benjamin Monaco, John Monaco, Roseann Liles and Susan Rentas. And she found her real calling in life as a grandmother and great-grandmother, never happier than when she was on her yearly Disney trip with her 12 grandkids and 2 great grandkids. She is survived by her siblings, Beatrice Becker, Thomas Coulbourn Jr., and Diane Bosco.

Come celebrate 85 great years Saturday 10-noon at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where there will be a noon service. Interment St. Joseph Cemetery, Woolwich.


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