Constance Thomas

Constance Thomas

Connie came from a farming family and she never lost her down home ways. The Steward family farmed a swath of land from the Turnpike to Lake Narraticon and the Raccoon Creek. As a young girl she roamed the property on her horse and buggy. She was named Ms. Swedesboro by the local Grange; of course, she never let it get to her head. She may not have been the greatest cook but she could open a can of SpaghettiOs with the best of them. And she made a great grilled cheese. She loved a good joke; of course, mom-mom jokes were notable for the fact that she seldom remembered the punch line. But in the moment, she was quick witted, always lying in wait with one of her one liners and maybe a borderline inappropriate comment to make sure everyone was paying attention. When the grands would ask her to play outside, she’d say she couldn’t due to the fact that she had bones in her legs. Summertime was her thing: when school let out she’d be packed and ready to go, taking the family down to her place in Pots Nets DE. She loved Elvis, chocolate, Coke and card games. “Kids, watch her, she cheats.” her late husband often jokingly counseled. “I don’t cheat!!” she’d fire back. Connie found her real calling later in life as a grandmother. Mom-mom not just to her grandchildren but to all their friends as well. In fact, they all called her mom-mom. She never missed a little league game, motivated half by her love of the grandkids, and half by her love of sport. Connie listened to sports radio and cheered for the Philly teams.
She fell for a handsome boy, the late Wilbert “Bud” in high school. Her mother hardly approved; she’d turn the lights off when she saw his car coming down the street. But love being what it is, they pressed on and shared a 50-year marriage blessed by 4 children, Wilbert III “Bud”, Kathleen Rode (Bill), Lawrence and Chris (Abby); and later by 10 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.
Come celebrate 83 great years Sunday March 6, 5-7 p.m. and Monday 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro, where there will be a service at 11. Interment Lake Park Cemetery, Woolwich


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