Brian Waterman

Brian Waterman

Most would need a hundred years to accomplish what Brian lived in his 35. His intelligence shone brightly early on; Brian could sight read at age 3. Of course, his intellect was complemented by his sensitive side. Depending on the situation he could either be the quietest person in the room or the most talkative; part of his nature that he valued everyone else’s knowledge as much as sharing his own. He had thousands of songs inside of him; many found their way out. Self-taught in guitar and piano, his solo shows featured not only his original songs, but songs written for that performance. Brian shared his listening experiences with his father; eclectic but leaning avant garde. He learned the culinary arts, spending countless hours creating dishes drawn from his 300 digital cookbooks. His mom may have introduced him to cooking but she’d quickly become his sous-chef. Also famous for his birthday cakes; Brian baked the cake and Hilary decorated it. He traveled far and wide to find the best craft beers, even signing up for subscriptions to get access to rare brews. If his T.V. was on he’d probably be checking out some Formula One; a fan of both the Red Bull and Ferrari teams. He loved film as well. An essay in high school gained him admission to the Junior Guild for the Academy Awards and he wrote both film and music reviews. He had traveled extensively through the years, including a month stint in Costa Rica, but found the most solace in Acadia National Park. He knew his time with his daughter was limited, so Brian sought to make every day count, piquing her interest in learning while heading off to parks with Esme on the back of his electric bike gathering sticks, weeds, flowers and memories. From the days of his youth, he’d find a way to make you smile; a funny quip here and there and popping out of a corner to scare you when you least expected. As a deeply spiritual person, he left no stone unturned, investigating everything from crystals to yoga, but finally returning to his Catholic Faith. He was raised in South Harrison Twp, graduated from Rutgers University and had a career in cognitive science, studying the brain to both help others and understand himself. He kept a watchful eye on the news, somewhat distraught by the current climate but hopeful for a just future.

A 10th grade Brian would meet an 8th grade girl named Hilary. They’d reconnect at the Delaware Saengerbund Oktoberfest in 2014, explore the world, marry, collaborate and be blessed by a daughter, Esme. He is survived by his parents, Jim and Mary Ellen; his siblings: Jim (Sarah), Stewart, and Emily (Stephen Wielechowski), his wife, Hilary; daughter, Esme, and a bevy of aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews.

Come celebrate 35 great years Wednesday March 27, 6-8 p.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, 1518 Kings Highway, Swedesboro. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Tuesday April 2, 11 a.m. at St. Clare of Assisi Parish, St. Joseph Church, Swedesboro, where friends can gather starting at 10 a.m. Interment to follow after Mass at Lake Park Cemetery, Woolwich.


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