Barbara Lynn Harbaugh

Barbara Lynn Harbaugh

When there was a need Barbara  jumped in. When she heard that the candy sale fundraiser at South Harrison Elementary School wasn’t going especially well, she took over the program, having a tractor trailer of chocolate dropped at the home once a year. When the yearbook was going to be discontinued, she did the same, spending hours at her table with an x-acto knife and rubber cement creating the pages that would preserve memories for a generation of kids. Barbara was always in motion and was a master behind the stove: for extra money she and her husband created Country Caterers, prepping meals for everyone from tired teachers to work crews on 24-hour shifts. Of course, she found her real calling late in life: Barb was meant to be a grandmother, always with a little gift for the grands. Best part was that for a woman who loved all things feminine, three granddaughters would arrive to counter the “Geoffrey, Stephen, George” effect that had dominated her life for so many years. Nothing better than taking them out to get their nails done. And later years found her discovering a new talent as she did crafts with them. Turns out Barbara was a talented painter. If her T.V. was on, she’d be watching Lifetime: the logo was permanently burnt into her screen. She was born in Philadelphia and raised in Darby: Barbara never forgot her roots and cheered for the Phils and the Birds.
A handsome guy named George was hanging around a hamburger joint in Springfield. He had a fast car. A girl asked to drive it. He said “sure, as long as you set me up with your friend.” Barbara and the late George would share a 48-year marriage blessed by two sons, Stephen (Gina) and Geoffrey (Marie) and later by grandchildren, Angelina, Zachary, Zoey, Grace and George. She is survived by her siblings, Kathy (Pattie) Schmidt and Stephen (the late Kim) Schmidt, and many nieces and nephews.
Come celebrate 74 great years Saturday January 20, 9-11 a.m. at St. Johns United Methodist Church, 803 Eldridges Hill Road, Mullica Hill, where there will be an 11 a.m. service. Interment Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro. In lieu of flowers donations to will be appreciated.


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